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Why do tourists visit Cyprus?

Cyprus is a small, sunny country with a friendly people. Cyprus has many options for tourists to enjoy a great holiday. Cyprus has beautiful Mediterranean beaches, waterfalls, salt lakes and verdant forests. Cyprus is also home to ancient buildings dating back to the Greeks. It has interesting museums and art galleries. Cyprus offers a unique local cuisine that blends both Turkish and Greek food and delicacies of fresh fish. Accommodation options in Cyprus include luxury hotels, resorts and villas, budget hotels and apartments.

Why do International patients visit Cyprus?

Private clinics in Cyprus are well-equipped and offer high quality specialist medical, dental and surgical services for international patients. Many of the hospitals and clinics in Cyprus offer packages that combine a holiday with your treatment, accommodation, transportation and interpreter services, if required.

How do I get to Cyprus?

Cyprus has four international airports that serve well-known tourist destinations in the country. Most hospitals and clinics arrange airport transfers as part of the medical tourism package.

What are the visa requirements for patients travelling for medical treatments to Cyprus?

Cyprus is a member of the European Union and tourists from EU member nations do not require a visa to visit Cyprus. There is no specific visa for patients travelling for medical treatments to Cyprus. Patients can travel to Cyprus for medical treatment on a travel visa. Details on how to obtain a travel visa is available at the website:  

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    Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners Cyprus - Clinic

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    Chinese Medical Centre of Cyprus (Limassol)

    Clinic Information: 22 Makariou Avenue, Clea Court, Flat 401, Limassol, 3061
    Rating from 3 Reviews Now I feel greatKathrin, Cyprus, 10 Mar 16

    I was suffering from rotartor cuff tendinitis and was in agonizing pain Went to Dr. Harris for several treatments and already after the first session I felt better. It took few more treatments and now I feel great ! Thank you so much Dr. Harris for helping me again !! I choose Dr. Harris because he treated me several times in the past and it always works. Highly recommend him. No waiting time. No appointment. He always find time to treat people. I only wish he could be in Limassol every day but Nicosia needs him as well.

    Traditional Chinese Medicine Consultation  
    Tui Na  
    1 different location in Cyprus for Chinese Medical Centre of Cyprus.

    Chinese Medical Centre of Cyprus (Nicosia)

    Clinic Information: 24 Christou Tsiarta, Elma 1, Flat 44, Ni
    3.4 / 5  Good
    from 25 users
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    Advanced Osteopathic Acupuncture Clinic

    Clinic Information: 42c TRION IRERAHON, Ypsonas, 4180 [WEBSITE: wwwaoacentrecom]
    Rating from 4 Reviews He is a very warm, very welcoming therapist who clearly knows his stuffAndrea, Cyprus, 22 Nov 17

    I took my two-year-old son for cranial osteopathy with Charles and he worked wonders. My son is usually always congested and has to use a wretched nebulizer, which he absolutely hates, but since starting the cranial osteopathy, he hasn’t used it once. Charles is a very warm, very welcoming therapist who clearly knows his stuff. Great! Would highly recommend this clinic!

    Traditional Chinese Medicine Consultation  
    Back Pain Treatment  
    Fertility Acupuncture  
    18 total topics
    3.7 / 5  Very Good
    from 11 users
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    Chinese massage center-Eskulap

    Clinic Information: Apostulou Pavlou 92, Paphos, 8040
    A wide range of massages to treat the body, calm the mind and lift the soul are offered at this Chinese massage salon located at Paphos in Cyprus. Cost effective services are provided for the benefit of overseas customers at the salon. The salon consists of luxurious treatment rooms including a doubles treatment room. The team creates an environment where customers can escape the strife of daily life during visits and feel rejuvenated and refreshed after visits. Services offered include facials, massages including aromatherapy and facial massage and eye treatments including fitting eyelash extensions.
    Traditional Chinese Medicine Consultation R$ 38 - R$ 339
    Chinese remedial massage full body  € 80,00 Chinese traditional massage  full body    € 50,00 Gua Sha treatment   € 35,00 Cupping treatment     € 30,00 Chinese feet massage     € 50,00 Chinese head massage      € 30,00 Acupuncture     € 35,00 Lymphatic drainage       € 45,00
    Tui Na starting from R$ 169
    < Chinese medical massage (TUI-NA) is a family of bodywork therapies that utilize manual techniques to stimulate acupuncture points (acupressure), loosen tender muscles, mobilize joints and realign structural dislocations (bone setting). While in some ways it is similar to other forms of bodywork, it has a very different approach and many different techniques. It is a very good form of treatment for complaints involving the bones, joints, muscles, and tendons. It can also be applied to treat other types of complaints and it is often used as an alternative to needles in children. The Approach: Although it is used to treat the muscles and joints, its true intent is to improve the flow of the life force or energy in the body. The focus of treatment is directed on the meridians (the pathways of the life force or energy) as well as the body's tissues. It incorporates the traditional diagnosis and treatment strategy of Chinese medicine as well. It is very energetic  and quite demanding of the practitioner as far as strength and stamina. The Techniques: Chinese medical massage has many techniques which are very fast paced and not excessively deep and only a few long strokes which are common in Swedish-style massage. The techniques are alternated quite often to continually stimulate the patient's energy and prevent practitioner fatigue. The techniques used utilize the entire hand, forearm, and sometimes elbow. There are technique of knee ding, grasping, rubbing, and gentle striking of the tissue. Chinese medical massage is set aside from other bodywork styles by the attention paid to the joints. Joint manipulation is very important in Chinese massage therapy. During treatment, the joints are passively led through their natural range of motio