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Bergin Psychological Services

Clinic Information: (888) 848-7639 ext: 64405 Dublin, Ireland
Rating from 11 Reviews
Psychiatrist Consultation  
CBT - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy  
Cognitive therapy seeks to help the client overcome difficulties by identifying and changing there thinking errors, behaviour, and emotions. This involves helping patients develop skills to change beliefs, identifying thinking errors and changing behaviours. Treatment is based the collaboration between the client and the therapist. Once those thoughts have been challenged, your feelings are easier to change. I believe that most people can overcome any emotional disability by ‘Working harder’. So be prepared for some homework, as C.B.T does require you the client to record your progress and challenge your behaviour in between sessions. But it’s not just about working harder; I will help you to ‘work clever’. The techniques of C.B.T will allow you to see your world from a new angle and this often brings relief and a new found ability to change behaviour that up until now, you may have felt would never change.
Zak Powers  Psychotherapist is based in wicklow Street .  As a practitioner of hypnotherapy, Zak Powers has used his skills of hypnosis and psychotherapy to produce the ideal approach to controlling stress and building self-esteem. Zak has worked as personal hypnotherapist to World Boxing Champion Steve Collins and has also treated 1000s of people who have championed their own personal battles. REMEMBER HYPNOSIS IS EASY It is also one of the few complementary therapies that is practised by the medical profession. Controlling stress does not have to be hard work. This programme is designed to instill into your mind a new programme of thinking. It will allow you to clear out your minds overload of stressful thoughts and enable you to think clearly. Once this sence of control and clarity has been achieved, Zak will build your confidence level to an all time high.This is easily accomplished using your imagination and Zaks renowned motivation techniques. YOU DO NOT NEED WILLPOWER Willpower (or conscious determination) is one thing, but because it only uses one part of the mind, its effects are all temporary. Hypnosis operates at the sub-conscious level and uses all of your senses, which is the very foundation of emotional intelligence. HYPNOSIS * Enables you to understand and eliminate anxiety.* Boost control and self esteem.* Provides the motivation for change.* Puts an end to panic thinking. Please contact the Clinic for current rates. quit smoking - weight management - phobias - stress - anxiey - depression - insomnia - O.C.D.
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Dr Nik Gkampranis Brighton Sussex Medical Chambers

Clinic Information: (888) 848-7639 ext: 11371 Hove, UK
Rating from 1 Review I would highly recommend himJack, UK, 07 Sep 16

Excellent Service. I recieved a call back within 24 hours of my request and an appointment within days. Dr Nik was approachable, thorough, and created a clear plan forward. I would highly recommend him. Thank you.

Psychiatric Consultation  
CBT - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy  
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7 different locations in the UK for Dr Nik Gkampranis.

Dr Nik Gkampranis in St Leonards

Clinic Information: (888) 848-7639 ext: 87540 at The Sussex Spire Hospital, 729 The Ri

Onemed Medical Centre

Clinic Information: (877) 304-0812 ext: 58947 67 Goldstone Lane, Brighton and Hove, Ho

Dr Nik Gkampranis in Eastbourne

Clinic Information: (888) 848-7639 ext: 86798 Michelham Ward EDGH, Kings Drive, Eastbo

Dr Nik Gkampranis in Surrey

Clinic Information: (888) 848-7639 ext: 87544 at The Spire Gatwick Park Hospital, Pove
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Biomedica International SRL

Clinic Information: (888) 848-7639 ext: 67207 Bucharest, Romania
Rating from 8 Reviews I was very happy with the resultCris, Romania, 10 Jul 17

Efficient, friendly service. Only had to wait 20 minutes before I saw a specialist. The session was very thorough and I was very happy with the result. Clean, welcoming clinic with conscise information. My Romanian isn't good but the staff all spoke fluent English.

Psychiatrist Consultation  
Life Coaching  
3 total topics
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Dr. Maria Concepción López Leiva, MD. Psychiatrist

Clinic Information: Fuengirola, Spain
Rating from 5 Reviews Caring and patientBill, Spain, 13 May 17

Depression and major insomnia (1 month). Very positive. Caring and patient!

Psychiatrist Consultation maximum: $125
Depression Anxiety Bipolar disorder Obsessive compulsive disorder Sleep disorder Somatic disorder Schizophrenia
4.5 / 5  Excellent
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FirstMed Centers

Clinic Information: Budapest, Hungary
Rating from 11 Reviews Will come againNatalie, US, 07 Feb 17

Very efficient intake and appointment. The eyedoctor was thorough, informative, friendly and helpful. My second time to this office and very pleased. Will come again when needed. Very good. Not stressful at all.

Psychiatrist Consultation $81 - $281
Ultrasound $126 - $277
Medical X-Ray $72 - $497
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Wokingham Psychology

Clinic Information: Wokingham, UK
Wokingham Psychology helps to treat all aspects of mental health from mild depression or anxiety through to psychosis. With leading Consultant Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Psychotherapists and Counsellors we ensure the quickest and treatment plan for each individual.
Psychiatrist Consultation $390 - $455
Initial assessment and follow up appointment
Psychotherapy consultation $97 - $130
3.9 / 5  Very Good
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Hospital Particular do Algarve

Clinic Information: Portimão, Portugal
Rating from 11 Reviews My experience was very good and perhaps even better than expectedMaureen, Lagoa, 16 Apr 16

Repair of a Inguinal Hernia. I chose to go privately so that I could have the operation done on a day that suited me. I was seen by the consultant on Friday evening and had the operation the following Tuesday morning. I was charged 70€ for the consultation and 3,020€ for the complete treatment, private room, operation, lunch and dinner...everything. Not having had any experience before with private practice I have nothing to compare with, but it was worth the cost for me....this time! I chose this hospital as it was the nearest one to where I live. My experience was very good and perhaps even better than expected. Everyone I had contact with was Portuguese but spoke English well, and every single step of my day with whoever dealt with me, explained why this or that was being done, which I appreciated very much. Everyone was warm, friendly, helpful and efficient.

Psychiatrist Consultation  
Cataract Treatment  
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Clinic Information: Lisboa, Portugal
Fisiogaspar has been a place of reference for rehabilitation; health and well-being in Portugal since 1998. Fisiogaspar has been a well-known and respected company in the area of physiotherapy, in Portugal and abroad, since 1998. At the present time, it has a reputation as a leader in the health and well-being sector, since it widened the scope of its activities. Within the 2300 m² of its premises are the following services: clinic, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, nutrition, medical spa, private gym, health coaching and academy, with a strong focus on cutting-edge technology and equipment.   Over the last few years, the crossing-over of services and solutions for health, well-being and performance optimisation have been vastly explored by Fisiogaspar. Our multidisciplinary projects were born from the diverse nature of our professional team, with recognised experience in providing treatment and support to the most  prestigious national and international athletes.
Psychiatrist Consultation  
Laser Hair Removal  
SENSAI Treatment Services  
78 total topics
1 different location in Portugal for Fisiogaspar.

Fisiogaspar Angola

Clinic Information: Rua Comandante Ché Guevara, 105A Maculus
4.2 / 5  Excellent
from 13 users
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Private Psychiatry LLP

Clinic Information: Leigh, UK
Consultant psychiatrists, Dr Adrian Winbow and Prof Anthony Hale diagnose and treat a variety of mental health problems including depression, stress, anxiety, phobias, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, addictions and many other mental health disorders in adults and young people from the age of 16, as well as specialist disorders including intractable or resistant depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, autistic spectrum disorders, ADHD, OCD and body dysmorphia. Private Psychiatry offers a variety of psychiatric therapies including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR), hypnotherapy, Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy and supportive psychotherapy amongst others. Clinics available at locations in London, Kent and Surrey.
Psychiatrist Consultation  
Initial Consultations, lasting one hour: £310 outside of London and £350 in London. Review Appointments: £295 and (£300 London) for one hour; £160 and (£180 London) for half an hour. Telephone consultations from £100.  Please note that telephone consultations are only available for review appointments, initial consultations must take place face-to-face. 
Stress Management  
5 different locations in the UK for Private Psychiatry LLP.

Private Psychiatry LLP – Canterbury

Clinic Information: Lombard House, 12-17 Upper Bridge St, Ca

Private Psychiatry LLP - Keats House

Clinic Information: 24-26 St Thomas Street, London

Private Psychiatry LLP - Sevenoaks Medical Centre

Clinic Information: Beadle House, London Road, Sevenoaks

Private Psychiatry LLP - Tunbridge Wells

Clinic Information: Nuffield Hospital Tunbridge Wells, Kings
4.2 / 5  Excellent
from 30 users
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nine psychology

Clinic Information: Cairo, Egypt
Our fully equipped team of therapists, psychologists & psychiatrists work hand in hand using an integrated approach to achieve the best results for our clients when tackling a wide range of emotional, behavioural, situational & mental health issues.  Opened back in 2008, the clinic has a classic yet timeless feel to it, the interiors have been carefully and tastefully thought out by its founder in order to provide our clients with a warm, comfortable and inviting atmosphere.  nine psychology has recently gone through an expansion in 2017, with the prominent addition being the multifunction ''Atrium Room'' that features natural daylight - an ideal space to host workshops, seminars & trainings. Part of this expansion also included a library with an extensive selection of books curated by nine psychology's team of experts. ​
Psychiatrist Consultation  
CBT - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy  
6 total topics
3.8 / 5  Very Good
from 25 users
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Headspace Dorset

Clinic Information: Poole, UK
Rating from 1 Review Very pleasedJo, Poole Dorset, 12 Aug 14

Very pleased with the the consultation.

Psychiatrist Consultation $195 - $325
OCD - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Treatment  
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Treatment  
1 more treatment
4.7 / 5  Outstanding
from 42 users
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Clinic Information: Luton, UK
IamPsychiatry has been providing private, confidential and effective psychiatric assessment, counselling and treatment services out of hours since 2007.  Dr Iqbal Mohiuddin is an experienced and qualified Consultant Psychiatrist and Therapist based in the pleasant and quiet residential suburb of Round Green in East Luton in South Bedfordshire.   Private psychiatric assessment and treatment are offered Face to face, Online via Skype or Apple FaceTime, and by Telephone. Private patients are seen within a week in a comfortable and relaxed environment.  Initial face to face mental health assessment takes one hour to complete.  Diagnosis is discussed and a personalised care and treatment plan is jointly agreed upon to facilitate a timely recovery.  A comprehensive GP letter can be provided giving specialist advice and treatment recommendations.      Dr Iqbal quickly establishes effective therapeutic relationships with his patients.  He has successfully helped and treated many private patients to recover from a wide variety of mental health problems such as Depression, Anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Psychosis, Bipolar disorder, Alcohol and Drug dependence, and Adult ADHD.  Please contact IamPsychiatry to start your journey to recovery today!  
Psychiatric Assessment & GP Letter/Medical Summary $325 - $364
Counselling starting from $182
30 or 60 minutes mental health counselling session
Anger Management starting from $182
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