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    Clinic Information: (61) 4042-5100 ext: 50330 Sisli, Turkey
    Rating from 15 Reviews I’m so happy with how things turned outDean, UK, 25 Apr 18

    The contact person based in London, gave me a call to tell me about the clinic’s services after I’d made my inquiry. He seemed genuinely interested in my needs, and I didn’t feel like he was focused exclusively on the money. I got the distinct impression I was dealing with people who cared about their patients, so I decided to take a chance and book for liposuction at Clinichub. I’m so happy with how things turned out. Because it was the first time I’d ever had an operation like this, I don’t really have a point of reference, but the hospital was nice. Everything was clean and tidy. My only complaint is that the general staff didn’t speak English (even though all the main doctors did). However, we had a translator appointed to us, which helped a lot. The staff, who were so friendly and understanding, made this process a lot less daunting. My advice to new patients seeking treatment abroad would be to ask as many questions as possible regarding the surgery. You don’t know what you’re getting yourself into if you are travelling to a foreign hospital, so make sure you cover everything. I was lucky because this clinic took really good care of me. It’s great when you deal with people who truly care about what they do, and who take pride in their work.

    Hip Replacement starting from R$ 20687
    Knee Replacement starting from R$ 17239
    4.0 / 5  Very Good
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    Erdem Hospital

    Clinic Information: (61) 4042-5100 ext: 48882 Istanbul, Turkey
    Rating from 38 Reviews He will help you achieve your dream of losing weightHadeel, Iraq, 24 Aug 17

    On 11th of August, I got a gastric sleeve surgery. I was hesitant to do it or not, I am really lucky to have the surgery done by Dr. Omar Avlanmis. He is professional, confident, knows what he is doing, friendly and supportive. The surgery went very well with zero complications. I strongly recommend Dr. Omer Avlanmis to help you achieve your dream of losing weight. He is the best! Many, many thanks to Dr. Omar and to Mehmet the young nice manager who helped me a lot from day one to the moment I flew to my country, many thanks to all the nice nurses for their professional work and for their warm behavior especially Kuszban and Oar. It was a wonderful experience, Thank you!

    Hip Replacement  
    Knee Replacement  
    3.9 / 5  Very Good
    from 1,217 users
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    Centre Quirurgic Maresme

    Clinic Information: (61) 4042-5100 ext: 16531 Mataro (Barcelona), Spain
    Rating from 4 Reviews It was excellent valueKim, Dublin, 08 Sep 16

    I made an open enquiry search on ''What Clinic'', for a mini facelift in mainland Europe. In a space of 2 days I received a very friendly, professional and informative email from your contact person, Patricia Diaz. I was informed of a date, and the itinerary of the procedure. Morning blood tests and ECG and afternoon the operation. I was even given contacts details on nearby good value hotels and the contact of a driver who they work with, who could pick me up at hotel arrivals. It was excellent value. My impression of the clinic was one of brightness, cleanliness, professionalism and friendliness, that put me at ease, even though I was on my own. I was tested in the morning, a little shopping at lunch time and met the Doctors in the afternoon. I was immediately at ease and all my questions answered. I chose this clinic as it was quick and professional from the very first point of contact via email, and the fact the procedure could take place in just over two weeks. Approaching the operating theatre, I was very nervous and I was really assured by the nurse, who held my hand and kept comforting eye contact. When I woke up I was taken to my hotel by the owner of the clinic and I was checked on by phone every day. I will chose this clinic again for my next procedure without a doubt. Lovely, professional, friendly, people.

    Hip Replacement  
    Knee Replacement R$ 51228 - R$ 64035
    Knee Arthroscopic Washout R$ 10673 - R$ 19211
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    Clinic Information: (11) 4933-1100 ext: 12177 Wroclaw, Poland
    Rating from 94 Reviews The experience was scary but fantasticLorraine, UK, 28 Sep 17

    I had a mini abdominoplasty with pubic mount lift with removal of love handles and liposuction and I was delighted so far with the result. I am only 2 weeks post surgery and have had no problems at all apart from tenderness, bruising and swelling which is to be expected and once this goes down I am sure I will be back for further surgery with the Coramed clinic. Overall the experience was scary but fantastic from picking me up at the airport to aftercare which is essential. Part of healing I would recommend Coramed clinic and I will certainly be back for further surgery. They are very good at answering all questions making you feel comfortable. Good service, good price but not at a patient's safety, risk as great care before during and after surgery which is imperative for good results. Thanks again. I couldn't fault the staff consultant and aesthetic staff. They did a great job.

    Hip Replacement starting from R$ 20894
    Knee Replacement  
    Dupuytren's Contracture Treatment  
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    Nordmed Tour

    Clinic Information: (61) 4042-5100 ext: 57971 Riga, Latvia
    Rating from 2 Reviews The doctor who did my operation is very professional and experiencedIrina, UK, 06 Aug 18

    I had my knee ligament (ACL) recreation operation done in Orto clinic in Riga, Latvia. It was done under spinal anaesthesia (I was continuous). Then I spent one night in the clinic and was released the next day. My experience was very positive and I am very grateful to Dr. Andrejs Peredistijs for his excellent job during the operation and after it when I came to visit him later. Orto clinic is very clean and modern, staff friendly, Dr. Andrejs Peredistijs who did my operation is very professional and experienced. The email and phone communication with the clinic coordinating person was excellent and very helpful.

    Hip Replacement R$ 23800 - R$ 26041
    Surgery is done at the most modern and leading private traumatology, orthopaedics, spinal, rheumatology clinic of the Baltic states - Orto clinic. It brings together Latvia’s best specialists in these medical fields.  The clinic works since 2008. Each year the ORTO Clinic consults ~10 000 patients and performs ~2 000 operations.
    Orthopaedist Consultation R$ 192 - R$ 320
    Wide range orthopaedic specialist consultations available at Orto clinic, Riga.
    Knee Replacement R$ 25529 - R$ 26617
    To secure the highest level of sterility, laminar air flow ventilation system is made in operation theatres of Orto clinic. That means – from the ceiling to the field of operation flows sterile air in 3×3 m area. Only patient, doctor and operation nurse are in the sterile area. Non-sterile personnel works outside of the sterile area. At the corners of the operation hall there are non-sterile air collectors that collect and inject non-sterile air back into the sterilisation system. To avoid non-sterile air maximally, surgeons wear specific helmets which ensure that the surgeons exhaled non-sterile air flows along the bottom of the helmet to the floor, where it is collected again by the air collectors. 
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    Clinic Information: (61) 4042-5100 ext: 58921 Athens, Greece
    Vitabroad  is the #1 choice of international patients seeking treatment in Greece.Greece’s competitive advantages with a state of the art medical infrastructure, high success rates and competitive prices within an excellent hospitality sector is the competitive edge in which Vitabroad offers its quality controlled services. Key treatments provided: Plastic & Cosmetic surgeries, In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Dentistry, Eye Surgeries, General Surgeries, Orthopedic Surgeries.  Vitabroad provides free of charge initial consultation. 
    Hip Replacement maximum: R$ 36287
    The field of orthopedics is constantly researching new techniques to help make joint replacement surgery less painful and to help patients recover more quickly. One of the most talked about orthopedic advancements is the ASI (Anterior Supine Intermuscular) hip replacement technique. Minimally invasive hip replacement involves more than just a shorter incision. Modern minimally invasive techniques also focus on the way surgeons gain access to the hip joint. The goal is to minimize muscle and tendon disruption, making surgery less traumatic for patients, allowing for shorter hospital stays and quicker recoveries. Unlike traditional minimally invasive hip replacement techniques, the ASI technique uses an incision at the front of the hip instead of the side or back of the hip. This modified incision placement allows surgeons to directly approach the hip joint by going between the muscles that surround the hip joint. Traditional approaches would require cutting the muscles and/or tendons that surround the hip. The ASI minimally invasive hip replacement procedure is designed to reduce the trauma to the tissues surrounding the hip joint. By preserving the muscles and tendons, surgeons may enable their patients to walk the day of surgery, to experience less postoperative pain, and to return to daily activities more quickly.
    Knee Replacement maximum: R$ 36287
    Minimally-invasive quadriceps-sparing total knee replacement is a new surgical technique that allows surgeons to insert the same time-tested reliable knee replacement implants through a shorter incision using surgical approach that avoids trauma to the quadriceps muscle (see figure 1) which is the most important muscle group around the knee. This new technique which is sometimes called quadriceps-sparing knee replacement uses an incision that is typically only 3-4” in length (see figure 2) and the recovery time is much quicker – often permitting patients to walk with a cane within a couple of weeks of surgery or even earlier. The less-traumatic nature of the surgical approach also may decrease post-operative pain and diminish the need for rehab and therapy compared to more traditional approaches. The main potential benefits of the MIS technique include: A) More rapid return of knee function, B) Smaller incision, C) Decreased post-operative pain, D) Less blood transfusion need, E) Same reliable surgical implants as Traditional Knee Replacement.
    Shoulder Replacement maximum: R$ 32018
    Although shoulder joint replacement is less common than knee or hip replacement, it is just as successful in relieving joint pain. Shoulder replacement surgery was first performed in the United States in the 1950s to treat severe shoulder fractures. Over the years, shoulder joint replacement has come to be used for many other painful conditions of the shoulder, such as different forms of arthritis. If nonsurgical treatments like medications and activity changes are no longer helpful for relieving pain, you may want to consider shoulder joint replacement surgery. Joint replacement surgery is a safe and effective procedure to relieve pain and help you resume everyday activities.
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    Medlife Group - GP Services

    Clinic Information: (61) 4042-5100 ext: 58676 Izmir, Turkey
    Medical consultation free of charge Personalized treatment plan created for you Avaliable Plus or Exclusive packages optional per your request Flights and transfers from/to Airport(VIP vehicles) Our friendly host personnel welcoming you at Airport 4(**** ) & 5(*****) hotel accommodation English speaking operation personnel at your side Pre-operation test procedures Only Talented & Exceptional Doctors Regular check-ups after your operation Overnight hospital stay as long as needed (recomended by your Doctor) Regular check-ups after your operation 24/7 support hotline during your trip Your satisfaction guaranteed!
    Hip Replacement  
    Orthopaedist Consultation  
    Knee Replacement  
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    Zulekha Hospital Dubai

    Clinic Information: (11) 4933-1100 ext: 93741 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    Rating from 4 Reviews Very good over all experienceTameem, United Arab Emirates, 25 Mar 17

    It was a pleasant experience. Would definitely go again. We got the doctor of our choice and the price was very reasonable compared to other clinics Clinic was clean the staff was extremely professional and very pleasant. Very good over all experience

    Hip Replacement R$ 56351 - R$ 68300
    Knee Replacement R$ 49947 - R$ 53363
    Knee Reconstructive Surgery  
    1 different location in United Arab Emirates for Zulekha Hospital Dubai.

    Zulekha Hospital Sharjah

    Clinic Information: (11) 4933-1100 ext: 93771 Al Zahra Street, Sharjah
    4.3 / 5  Excellent
    from 1,434 users
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    KCM Clinic S.A.

    Clinic Information: (11) 4933-1100 ext: 89489 Jelenia Gora, Poland
    Rating from 58 Reviews The procedure was carried out very swiftly and very efficientlyBrian, South Africa, 01 Aug 17

    My Hip Replacement appointment the KCM Clinic S.A. went very well and I was so satisfied with the consultation that I had the surgery and the procedure was carried out very swiftly and very efficiently. The clinic gave me a really good impression of professionalism and order. I liked the procedure and felt it was done very well, the price was very fair and I feel it was good value so I am quite happy.

    Hip Replacement starting from R$ 20884
    You can get reimbursements under the  EU Directive, KCM wis fully supporting you with the reimbursement process We are the leading private Orthopedic Surgery Hospital in Poland, having satisfied patients coming from countries worldwide. Our experience and quality was recognized by insurance company BUPA, and by US implant company Zimmer-Biomet and we are their center of excellence in Poland. Traditional total hip replacements typically require an incision between 8 to 10 inches long. The patient’s size and the extent of the joint’s damage can sometimes determine the length of the incision. The incision allows the surgeon to fully visualize the joint, the diseased bone, and the implants.  Minimally invasive total hip replacement may be performed through an approximately 2 to 4 inch incision, potentially half to one-third the length of a typical hip replacement incision. Surgeons can perform surgery through such a short incision because they use instruments specifically designed for minimally invasive hip replacement.Benefits of Zimmer MIS cementless hip surgery:  • Smaller incisions • Less or no cutting of key muscles and tissues • Less pain • Less risk of infection • Shorter hospital stays, faster recovery We offer you a complete 12 days HIP Replacement treatment package  
    Orthopaedist Consultation  
    Knee Replacement starting from R$ 22741
    You can get reimbursements under the EU Directive, KCM wis fully supporting you with the reimbursement process We are the leading private  Orthopedic Surgery Hospital in Poland, having satisfied patients coming from countries worldwide. Our experience and quality was recognized by insurance company BUPA, and by  US implant company  Zimmer-Biomet  and we are their center of excellence in Poland. Traditional knee replacement surgery involves a long incision (8 to 12 inches) and a lengthy rehabilitation. Over the past decade, however, minimally invasive techniques have been developed to successfully implant the very same clinically proven joints. Today, there are minimally invasive procedures for both partial and total knee replacements. MIS total knee replacement is a minimally invasive procedure that isperformed through a 2-to 3-inch incision. With less cutting of skin than traditional surgery, and less or no cutting of key muscles and tissues, the goals of Zimmer MIS are to alleviate pain, restore mobility, and get you back to your everyday activities sooner. Time spent in the hospital is typically 3-4 days. The estimated rehabilitation/recovery time after a Zimmer MIS total knee replacement is approximately 5-6 weeks for many patients, but it varies.Benefits of Zimmer MIS knee surgery:  • Smaller incisions • Less or no cutting of key muscles and tissues • Less pain • Less risk of infection • Shorter hospital stays, faster recovery We offer you a complete 10 days KNEE Replacement treatment package, that includes: (find attached your cost breakdown for the whole package)   
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    1 different location in Poland for KCM Clinic S.A..

    KCM Clinic Wroclaw

    Clinic Information: (61) 4042-5100 ext: 59148 KCM Clinic, Ul. Krucza 2A, Wroclaw
    4.0 / 5  Very Good
    from 19 users
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    Orthopaedic Riga

    Clinic Information: (61) 4042-5100 ext: 50362 Riga, Latvia
    Orthopaedic Riga is the leading healthcare provider for hip replacement, knee replacement and ACL reconstruction procedures in Riga, Latvia. Latvia is a member state of the the EU.  Safe, premium quality and reasonably priced.  Our surgeons and medical personnel are highly experienced. Our orthopaedic surgeons are specialised in hip and knee replacements, ACL reconstruction with seventeen to thirty years experience in general orthopaedics and ten to eighteen years experience in the specific surgeries.  We have four new surgical theatres equipped with the most up-to-date surgical equipment. The implants used by our orthopaedic surgeons are of proven quality: Jhonson & Jhonson, Zimmer, Smith & Nephew, B-Braun.  We are committed to do our best to adapt to your wishes in terms of arranging appointments. In general, we are ready to accept you for surgery within one to two weeks from the time our surgeon has reviewed your medical documentation and health questionnaire and a preliminary qualification for surgery has been completed.  We know that we provide an excellent service, so to complement what we offer we have added an attractive feature for hip and knee replacement surgeries, that many of our patients value and appreciate a money-back guarantee. Contact us through the enquiry form, by email or telephone for more details.  Our patient coordinator will be able to assist you by telephone or email for ten years after your hip or knee replacement surgery and for
    Hip Replacement starting from R$ 21587
    Orthopaedist Consultation  
    Knee Replacement starting from R$ 24224
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    4.8 / 5  Outstanding
    from 39 users
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    Carthago Med

    Clinic Information: (61) 4042-5100 ext: 58579 Tunis, Tunisia
    Rating from 1 Review I am extremely pleased with the results and I couldn’t be happierWassila, UK, 18 Oct 18

    I recently had an Otoplasty, which went very well. I am extremely pleased with the results and I couldn’t be happier. The surgeon and consultants were lovely and I actually had an amazing experience with them. The procedure was quite simple and fast. The surgery only took around 2 hours and my recovery was also quite fast (2 weeks). The surgeon was very experienced and comforting, the consultants help you through everything so you are never alone!

    Hip Replacement R$ 21345 - R$ 25614
    Knee Replacement R$ 19211 - R$ 23480
    4.6 / 5  Outstanding
    from 143 users
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    Carolina Medical Center

    Clinic Information: (11) 4933-1100 ext: 73380 Warsaw, Poland
    Rating from 1 Review
    Hip Replacement R$ 32833 - R$ 37808
    The The prices include: · pre-surgery preparation – doctor’s consultations, diagnostics (MRI, CT) and laboratory tests; · standard number of hospitalization days required in a particular procedure · medical materials (including implants) There are no hidden costs of the procedures! The presented amounts are very likely to be the final price.
    Orthopaedist Consultation R$ 199 - R$ 368
    Knee Replacement R$ 28853 - R$ 31838
    The prices include:· pre-surgery preparation – doctor’s consultations, diagnostics (MRI, CT) and laboratory tests;· standard number of hospitalization days required in a particular procedure· medical materials (including implants)There are no hidden costs of the procedures! The presented amounts are very likely to be the final price.
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