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BodyWell Group

Clinic Information: (888) 848-7639 ext: 69625 Canterbury, UK
Rating from 69 Reviews Haven't looked back sinceC, UK, 27 Feb 17

I went to BodyWell after experiencing neck pain and trapped nerves in my hip. After testing I was told that my right arch was collapsing causing my hip pain, and that my neck was 2cm too far forwards caused by poor posture at my desk resulting in neck pain. I started treatment and haven't looked back since. The staff are always so polite and eager to help- I really feel like they care. I've recommended several members of my family since and would continue to recommend them.

Bowen Technique $26 - $52
Provided by our inhouse Wellness Practitioners
Holistic Health Advice  
CST - Craniosacral Therapy  
Provided by our Chiropractors and Spinal Specialists.  An evaluation is first required to see what is necessary to best help you.  Book in for our FREE spine and health evaluation to identify the cause of your pain and/or problem.
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Maria Kibkalo DC MSC(Chiro) CCEP

Clinic Information: (888) 848-7639 ext: 11998 Coventry, UK
Bowen Technique
Bowen Technique Room Hire  
IDD Disc Therapy x 10 Recommended by Neurosurgeons with Proven Results $58 - $71
Holistic Health Advice  
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Healing Hands at Basford Clinic

Clinic Information: (888) 848-7639 ext: 22661 Stoke on Trent, UK
Rating from 4 Reviews Sports massageSteven, Newcastle staffs , 05 Apr 15

Really good and pleased

Bowen Technique $41 - $49
Gentle, effective remedial therapy for range of musculo skeletal and stress related disorders
Holistic Health Advice $41 - $49
Where appropriate clients are assessed holistically to see the whole picture of a persons state and to get to the root of a patients condition, then various healing modalities are used to treat the individual often combined together. dietary and lifestyle factors are also taken into consideration depending on findings.
Acupressure $41 - $49
Tuina - Chinese medical massage and acupressure is a deep pressure technique to treat musculo skeletal pain and injuries.
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1 different location in the UK for Healing Hands.

Healing Hands - Clinical Massage & Acupuncture

Clinic Information: (888) 848-7639 ext: 29537 Brampton House, Brampton Business Centre
4.0 / 5  Very Good
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Central Chiropractic Clinic

Clinic Information: (888) 848-7639 ext: 64847 Coventry, UK
Rating from 4 Reviews Delighted to see a gradual improvement in my situationGladys, UK, 14 Oct 15

For the past two years I have been struggling with chronic pain in my lower back. I have experienced nerve pain in my right groin radiating pain down my leg and into my foot. The pain has varied from day to day which I believe has delayed diagnosis. The pain has changed my life quite dramatically on a physical level. Unable to be comfortable when sitting I now stand at work almost 90% of the time. In desperation over the time I have tried various treatments in the hope I could get some reprieve. The NHS system has been unable to achieve any diagnosis to date for the pain. I have had two lots of steroid injections into my lower back. This has produced even more pain and very unpleasant side effects which I have found harder to cope with. I have over the time tried various treatments, physiotherapy, chiropractic, hydrotherapy, osteopathic, yoga, walking, not walking and the list goes on, prescribed medications several neurological drugs and antidepressant’s. In desperation 5 months ago I finally tried The Central Chiropractic Clinic, Park Road, Coventry. To my surprise discovering they have not only a holistic approach to treating the whole of the body, but also they have many new treatments and maximum: date approaches all on the same site this I had not come across in any previous clinics. For example IDD Therapy, Shock Therapy, Laser treatment, Dry needling acupuncture, x-rays and ultrasound. Alongside the chiropractic and physiotherapy expertise which I have experienced all of these. I cannot express enough my gratitude to the whole team, Marie, Roy and John. Who have all treated me with the utmost dignity and professionalism at all times. Always supporting me emotionally and treating my sometimes debilitating day to day pain with a welcome smile of understanding. I have needed to call upon them in an emergency as the pain has been unbearable some days. They are positive, compassionate, approachable and very professional always listening to the daily challenges I have faced with the pain. They have encouraged me to stay in contact with the conventional methods that have been offered to me and to keep them updated. As a result of the complexity of my condition and with a combination of the treatments used I feel that they are managing my pain and I see a gradual improvement in my situation. I can now post this information for all to read as I can at least now see some light at the end of the tunnel and that I have regained some control over my life with their help and support. Gladys - October 15 I choose these from recommendation. My first visit went well so I decided to continue and have received an excellent experience throughout. It is worth knowing that all staff have experienced all of the treatments used and therefore are very well aware of what the patient experiences during and after therapies. I would have no reservations in recommending their services to anyone in need of help. Gladys -October 15

Bowen Technique
Bowen Technique Room HIRE  
IDD Disc Therapy x 10 Proven Results,Recommended by Neurosurgeons $58 - $582
Bowen Technique Alternative,IDD Disc Therapy x 6 Proven Results,Recommended by Neurosurgeons $71 - $427
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Centre for Integral Health

Clinic Information: Shrewsbury, UK
Rating from 3 Reviews Highly recommendSarah, Shrewsbury, 27 Jan 15

I was very impressed by the service from Integral Health. I was contacted and offered an appointment immediately after contacting the centre. Ben Calder gave me excellent advice and managed to sort out my issues in only one session.I would highly recommend this clinic.

Bowen Technique $52 - $65
Bowen technique is an amazingly gentle soft tissue manipulation technique which gets consistent results with pain of all forms, shoulder and back problems, hamstring, knee and other injuries. Gone is the old idea that physical injury or rehabilitation is something that will be painful or difficult to resolve. We frequently find that it is neither when we apply Bowen Technique. For more information please see our website or contact us for more details.
Holistic Health Advice $52 - $104
The Centre for Integral Health offers a different approach to health. Honouring each perspective and method of supporting health, we aim to understand where your current health and lifestyle practice is missing the essential elements for you to achieve the next level of health and wellness.
Clinical hypnotherapy has been shown to be both effective and safe to use. Hypnosis is a natural process that allows thought patterns to be changed. For more information please contact us or see our website.
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Fawkes Clinic

Clinic Information: Stroud, UK
Rating from 2 Reviews Good value for the service received.Keith, UK, 05 May 17

Well organised and good service. I would recommend this clinic to those who have concerns about their feet. Good value for the service received.

Bowen Technique starting from $49
Reflexology starting from $41
Diet and Nutrition Advice starting from $71
4.8 / 5  Outstanding
from 47 users
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Sports Injuries & Massage Clinic

Clinic Information: Letterkenny, Ireland
Rating from 4 Reviews
Bowen Technique  
Deep Tissue Massage  
Back Pain Treatment  
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4.4 / 5  Excellent
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Satori Complementary Therapy Centre

Clinic Information: Wakefield, UK
Satori brings together a range of self employed practitioners together under one safe roof, giving the assurance to you, the client, that you are seeing a fully qualified and insured therapist who is registered with the relevant professional body. 
Bowen Technique starting from $45
Holistic Health Advice  
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4.2 / 5  Excellent
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Alan Kane's Pain Relief Clinic

Clinic Information: Mullingar, Ireland
Rating from 3 Reviews He is superb, a true and gifted individualDenise, Ireland, 01 Oct 17

Alan has treated our son on several occasions for different things since he was 6 weeks old, ranging from silent reflux, asthma etc. He has always fixed each ailment. We recommend Alan and his treatments 100%. He is superb. A true and gifted individual. Always goes out of his way for us. Lovely clinic, very thorough analysis, great advice, always seen on time.

Bowen Technique maximum: $79
Holistic Health Advice maximum: $79
Pain Relief Expert and Master Healer. Treating clients for over 13 years from newborn babies to adults all are treated at our clinic. non manipulative healing techniques with proven success records of over 20,000 sessions.
Acupressure maximum: $79
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3.9 / 5  Very Good
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The Treatment Room

Clinic Information: Sherborne, UK
The Treatment Room at Oxley Sports CentreOffering a warm, welcome 'Oasis of Calm' in which you will receive a professional service from Joy Weafer,  an experienced practitioner, who offers the following therapies: Bowen Therapy - an extremely gentle remedial technique that involves small moves made over muscles and connective tissue.  Safe for all ages and may assist with the relief from pain, discomfort and many physical issues including: sciatica; fibromyalgia; hayfever; migraines; back/neck conditions as well as sports related injuries.  Reflexology - an ancient technique using light pressure on various points on hands and feet  which may assist in the relief of discomfort and imbalance anywhere in the body.  Deeply relaxing and soothing. Full Body Massage - for relaxation, assisting to ease muscle tension and  enhance feelings of general well-being (including face and scalp) Back Neck and Shoulder Massage - assisting to relieve muscle tension in the back, neck and shoulders (also includes face and scalp) Hot Stone Massage -using basalt volcanic stones to warm muscle fibres resulting in a deeper level of relaxing massage.  The heat from the stones assist to loosen tight muscles, enhance flexibility and improve circulation.  This technique goes beyond the experience of a typical massage and enters deeper dimensions of relaxation. Natural Facial Massage  -  very gentle, using a combination of Bowen, Indian and Acupressure techniques to gently stimulate, up
Bowen Technique maximum: $43
An extremely gentle remedial technique in which small moves are made over muscles and connective tissue, encouraging the body’s own resources to naturally re-balance itself. The treatment is safe to use on anyone from babies to the elderly and may facilitate lasting and drug-free relief from pain and discomfort.  No adverse side effects have been reported. Bowen may assist with many emotional and physical symptoms, including: - Stress and anxiety- Disturbed sleep patterns- Hayfever- Headaches / Migraines- Back and neck conditions- Sciatica Shoulder restrictions-  Knee, ankle and foot issues -  Hormonal irregularities- Fibromyalgia-  RSI, Carpal Tunnel-  Sports Injuries
Reflexology maximum: $43
An ancient technique using light pressure on various points on the hands or feet which may assist in the relief of discomfort and bring balance to the whole body.  Deeply relaxing and soothing.
5.0 / 5  Outstanding
from 19 users
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Uckfield Chiropractic Clinic

Clinic Information: Uckfield, UK
Rating from 1 Review It was the best decision I have ever madeEsther, UK, 27 Dec 16

I bent down to feed the dog and felt the most awful pain in my back. It was so severe I felt sick. I couldn't dress my self and work was out of the question. A friend told me about the clinic and I made an appointment. It was the best decision I have ever made and worth every penny! After my first treatment I was able to return to work after the second I put my own shoes on and after the third I was better than before I started! Everyone was so friendly and kind. Becky was very thorough and quickly established the problem. She is very gentle but gets amazing results.

Bowen Technique  
Holistic Health Advice  
CST - Craniosacral Therapy  
4.8 / 5  Outstanding
from 4 users
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Ravel Therapies

Clinic Information: Limassol, Cyprus
Rating from 1 Review A passion for healing and nurturingKatharina, Australia, 09 Mar 16

Sunil is the best Massage therapist I have ever encountered! Over the years, Sunil has proven to be key to the treatment and long term rehabilitation of many different things day to day life throws at us. He has helped me with persistent pains caused by Scoliosis, problems with a Planter Fascia, a sore neck from bad sleeping positions, a creaking knee which could lead to Arthritis, and a misalignment of the pelvis. He has also taught me many different exercises to do at home, to build and strengthen muscle, improve flexibility, so as not to be completely dependent on his treatments. This approach is unique and has worked wonders for me. Sunil is a therapist with a very broad knowledge of what he does accompanied by love and passion for healing and nurturing. Sunil provides excellent service and has a very professional and extensively knowledgeable manner of expressing it. He has the perfect and well equipped environment to suit his clients with their respective treatments and I highly recommend him!

Bowen Technique  
Deep Tissue Massage  
Sports Massage  
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