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    Dr Toncic - Cosmetic Surgery

    Clinic Information: Zagreb, Croatia
    Rating from 27 Reviews In the end, I'm very satisfied with my new nose, especially the profilePetra, Japan, 22 Oct 18

    After months of research and comparing every before and after photos I could find, I finally narrowed down my choices to two doctors. In the end I decided to go with Dr. Toncic because I felt very reassured, confident in him after the extensive email correspondence and Skype consultation. I think when it comes down to pulling the trigger about something like this, and you're not able to fly in just to have a consultation, it was really important to me to have someone answer all my questions (and there were questions) and explain every step. The surgeon was very precise and realistic in the way he explained what his vision for my surgery was, I felt comfortable in telling him what I'd like him to do as well. The staff also helped out with organising everything when it came down to travelling etc, which was a huge help too. In the end, I'm very satisfied with my new nose, especially the profile. Also, Croatia seems like a beautiful country, can't wait to come back and explore the sights next time!

    ENT Specialist Consultation starting from 213 ₺
    Rhinoplasty 10961 ₺ - 30448 ₺
    4.3 / 5  Excellent
    from 566 users
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    David Lau ENT Centre

    Clinic Information: 00 65 3163 1114 ext: 89964 Central Singapore, Singapore
    Rating from 14 Reviews Overall experience was amazingThomas, Singapore, 09 Jun 17

    I saw Dr. Lau the first time today and was very happy with the overall experience. I wish all doctors would be like him. Besides being very friendly he took his time and explained everything in detail; not the typical 10mins rush in/out which you experience at most doctors in our days. He was very comforting as well. I can fully recommend him. He was very comforting as well. I can fully recommend him.

    ENT Specialist Consultation starting from 621 ₺
    1st & Subsequent Consultations
    Microsuction 388 ₺ - 583 ₺
    26 total topics
    4.8 / 5  Outstanding
    from 199 users
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    Fresh Hearing

    Clinic Information: 00 44 1706 300166 Haslingden, UK
    Rating from 14 Reviews The results were instantAnonymous, South Africa, 09 Jan 18

    I went to Fresh Hearing for my microsuction procedure. I’ve used the service twice now - the first time was two years ago. They did exactly what I wanted them to do. I don’t think you can get microsuction done any cheaper so it was definitely worth the money. The wax build-up in my ears had become so bad that it started affecting my hearing. The doctor did microsuction on both of my ears and the results were instant - I can hear more clearly since I had the procedure done. I need to use oil to soften the wax, so I keep my ears clean this way. In the event that I do have build-up again, and can’t get an NHS appointment in reasonable time, I will go to this private clinic again.

    ENT Specialist Consultation  
    Hopi Ear Candling 171 ₺ - 479 ₺
    Ear Syringing 274 ₺ - 479 ₺
    2 total topics
    2 different locations in the UK for Fresh Hearing.

    Fresh Hearing Bolton

    Clinic Information: 00 44 1204 238541 160 St Helens Road, Bolton

    Fresh Hearing- Cheshire Natural Health

    Clinic Information: 00 44 1706 300163 Beehive House, Tarporley Road, Stretton,
    4.6 / 5  Outstanding
    from 79 users
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    Institute of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Dr. Serra Mestre

    Clinic Information: 00 34 518 98 91 77 Barcelona, Spain
    Rating from 1 Review I’m very pleased with the resultsCarla, Spain, 02 Oct 18

    My case was difficult because of my tuberous breasts and Dr Serra Mestre made a really good job. I’m very pleased with the results! Competent, patient and kind people. Great team of doctors and nurses.

    ENT Specialist Consultation  
    3 total topics
    4.0 / 5  Very Good
    from 1 user
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    Jinemed Health Group

    Clinic Information: Istanbul, Turkey
    Jinemed is the leading IVF Group of Turkey with 8 centers domestically and internationally and annual cycles of 3000+. Jinemed has been founded in 1989 by Professor Dr Teksen Camlibel WHO is the leading fertility specialist and also gynecologist with interest in hard-case surgeries from oncology cases to myomectomy, laporoscopy. We do have international patient department since 2005 and have treated thousands of international patients.  Jinemed also offers plastic surgery and hair transplantation with the FUE (follicler unit extraction) method. This technique gives better results compared to the FUT (follicler unit transplantation) technique. The main difference is with the FUE single units can be replaced , but with FUT grafts are placed over a line and not all get implanted. Also, FUT requires a surgical cut on the head but with the FUE this is not done. There is no scar with the FUE. In Plastic Surgery, we offer all types of surgeries with VIP doctors. We also help patietns regarding hotel bookings and travel arrangements. Please contact us for further information.
    ENT Specialist Consultation  
    Nose Contouring  
    3.9 / 5  Very Good
    from 138 users
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    Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery

    Clinic Information: 00 52 81 5350 3321 Monterrey, Mexico
    Rating from 2 Reviews Great place, empathetic Doctor, and good results!Richard, US, 25 Sep 16

    I am an ethnic male who wanted to have my tip reduced and bridge raised to give my face a natural and aesthetic look. Everything looks good so far, I just cant wait for the swelling to go down on my tip. The clinic was very thorough and coordination from the states to monterrey mexico was well organized. I bought my plane ticket, nad gave my coordinator the dates I will be in country. She booked my transportation from the airport and the hotel for the dates I needed. She also informed me of the hotel transportation to and from the clinic in monterrey. as far as the language barrer, she was always a phone call away but I would suggest to have your phone carrier informed in advance so that you can make calls from international to US national numbers. Have your bank informed of where you will be so that you don't have problems popping up as unrecognized transactions in another country! Great place, empathetic Doctor, and good results!

    ENT Specialist Consultation 224 ₺ - 240 ₺
    Rhinoplasty 12263 ₺ - 14929 ₺
    More than 120 rhinoplasties in 2015.Suggested Anesthesia ;  Local
    Otoplasty 5865 ₺ - 6931 ₺
    4 total topics
    4.9 / 5  Outstanding
    from 313 users
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    Pennine Ear Care

    Clinic Information: 00 44 1484 509157 Huddersfield, UK
    Rating from 24 Reviews I would not hesitate to come here again for Microsuction and Ear SyringingJohn, UK, 30 Aug 16

    A much improved treatment from the last local one I had where he charged me double the amount for ear irrigation after the micro suction., The practitioner was very friendly but also very professional and I would not hesitate to go to him again. .

    ENT Specialist Consultation  
    Microsuction 274 ₺ - 479 ₺
    Microsuction is the only safe way for some patients to have wax removed. Gaining a thorough medical history of the ears and careful examination, ensures maximum patient safety and comfort. The latest equipment as used in ENT departments lifts wax out of the ear canal without putting any pressure on the ear drum. The whole procedure being carried out with the use of a high power light source and magnifying optics.
    Ear Syringing
    Mobile Ear Wax Removal Service 205 ₺ - 479 ₺
    1 more treatment
    4.2 / 5  Excellent
    from 10 users
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    Dr.Ghassan Murr - Levant Hospital

    Clinic Information: beyrouth, Lebanon
    Dr.Ghassan Murr - Levant Hospital is a ENT Specialist in Beirut. To contact them for additional information simply fill out the contact form.
    ENT Specialist Consultation maximum: 264 ₺
    Salivary Gland Removal  
    1 different location in Lebanon for Dr.Ghassan Murr - Levant Hospital.

    Lebanese American University Clinic. L.A.U

    Clinic Information: LAUMCRH, lebanese american university,ac
    4.8 / 5  Outstanding
    from 128 users
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    Capital Clinic Riga

    Clinic Information: Riga, Latvia
    Rating from 3 Reviews doctor recommended a shot and my hand feels like newDebra, US, 01 Jun 16

    I couldn't use my hand at all I had no strength n all pain..doctor recommended a shot and my hand feels like new..I thought i needed surgery right there and then. I loved it..

    ENT Specialist Consultation starting from 237 ₺
    Consultations, diagnostics, treatment and medical procedures for ear, nose and throat disease treatment. The most common reasons for visiting a ENT doctor are acute or chronic ear, throat and paranasal sinus pain, ENT organ inflammation in cases of common cold and tonsillitis and hearing disorders.
    Ear Infection Treatment starting from 237 ₺
    Consultations, diagnostics, treatment and medical procedures for ear, nose and throat disease treatment. The most common reasons for visiting a ENT doctor are acute or chronic ear, throat and paranasal sinus pain, ENT organ inflammation in cases of common cold and tonsillitis and hearing disorders.
    Hearing Test  
    Eardrum microscopyTympanometryReflexometryOtoacoustic emissionAudiogram using audiometric cabinBiopsy for histological examinationEndoscopy of nasal cavity and nasopharynxDirect microlaryngoscopy
    3.4 / 5  Good
    from 385 users
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    hearLIFE Clinic

    Clinic Information: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    Rating from 24 Reviews Good facilities and staff.Alshdaifat, United Arab Emirates, 25 Jan 17

    Good experience, professional and caring staff. My daughter's therapist provided her with many resources to help us practice at home. Good facilities and staff.

    ENT Specialist Consultation  
    ENT doctors largely specialise in different aspects of ear, nose and throat care. At hearLIFE Clinic we are dedicating ourselves to the treatment of hearing loss related problems. Our specialists will look at your individual medical history and examine the functions of your ear. An otoscope is used to examine the ears and illuminate the eardrum, so that the surgeon can identify normal landmarks and pathology. In addition the use of tuning forks as a gauge of hearing may sometimes be used as part of the consultation. However, sometimes it is required to undertake formal hearing tests to ascertain a more exact level of hearing, which are then undertaken by our Audiologist. Occasionally the eardrum and canal need to be viewed under magnification and a microscope can be used to provide this. The microscope allows for binocular vision, depth of field and the use of microsuction if necessary, to remove wax or debris from an ear canal.
    Septoplasty is a surgical procedure done to correct the nasal septum, which devides the two nostrils. During the procedure the nasal septum is straightened and repositioned in the middle of the nose.
    Cochlear Implants  
    Cochlear implants are designed for individuals with severe to profound sensorineural hearing loss. These individuals receive little or no benefit from hearing aids. Cochlear implants bypass the non-functioning part of the cochlea in order to deliver electrical signals directly to the auditory nerve, thus providing the opportunity to hearing impaired individuals to participate in the hearing world again. hearLIFE Clinic employs some of the most experienced Cochlear Implant surgeons with experience of more than 1000 implantations
    12 total topics
    4.0 / 5  Very Good
    from 134 users
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    Tekirdag Yasam Hospital

    Clinic Information: Tekirdag, Turkey
    Rating from 1 Review They are very helpfulTom, vlissingen, 29 Apr 14

    The treatment went fine. The welcome was great. Only some nurses and doctors speak English, but they are very helpful.

    ENT Specialist Consultation  
    Rhinoplasty 6090 ₺ - 12179 ₺
    Closed Rhinoplasty 6090 ₺ - 12179 ₺
    15 total topics
    4.3 / 5  Excellent
    from 41 users
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    Neuro Rehab UK Ltd

    Clinic Information: 00 44 1480 260127 St Ives, UK
    Rating from 2 Reviews Excellent treatment and care all round given with great compassionJanet, UK, 07 Dec 16

    We used Neuro Rehab for our mother when she broke her hip and was refused physio by the NHS as she was terminally ill. Amy came out to the nursing home to help get mum back on her feet which she did fairly quickly giving mum lots of gentle but firm encouragement as she wasn't too keen. We did manage to get her walking down her ward for a week or two before sadly she became too unwell to do any more. Without Amy we would never have got mum back on her feet giving her the hope that she may have been able to get back to her coffee shop visits that she loved. Excellent treatment and care all round given with great compassion given the circumstances.

    ENT Specialist Consultation  
    Speech Therapy  
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