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    The Chilston Clinic

    Clinic Information: 09 87 67 96 55 ext: 65070 Tunbridge Wells, UK
    Rating from 22 Reviews Reassuring professional adviceDeborah, UK, 20 Sep 17

    I had cysts and moles removed. Perfect. Reassuring professional advice. Easy parking. Very clean and organized. Friendly caring staff. A very enjoyable experience in spite of the odd painful prickle!

    Pedicure starting from 51 €
    Medi Pedicures using Danne Products..this is a fantastic foot treatment for corns, callouses, cracked heels and dry and discoloured feet.  Treats bacterial and fungal infections too.  No blades are used.
    Laser Hair Removal starting from 74 €
    Polaris Nd:YAG 1035nm laser
    Facials starting from 57 €
    The Chilston Signature facial is tailored to the individuals needs. Danne enzyme treatments and Image Peels too.
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    4.4 / 5  Excellent
    from 278 users
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    Prevention Center Utoschloss Zurich

    Clinic Information: 09 87 67 96 55 ext: 85375 Zurich, Switzerland
    Rating from 1 Review I am very satisfiedMarianna, zurich, 16 Feb 14

    I got recently treated by this clinic and I chose them mainly for the courtesy and the flexibility they offered me since the beginning. They were very quick in fixing my date and treated me very nicely during and after the operation. Differently from other clinics I visited before making my choice, they never pressed me but actually left me enough time to evaluate the situation. I am very satisfied by the final results as well.

    Pedicure 44 € - 132 €
    Laser Hair Removal 88 € - 702 €
    Facials 70 € - 158 €
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    3.8 / 5  Very Good
    from 67 users
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    Ageless Medispa

    Clinic Information: 09 87 67 96 55 ext: 75452 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Ageless Medispa is a Medical Aesthetics Specialist in Bukit Persekutuan. To contact them for additional information simply fill out the contact form.
    Beauty Salon Enquiry  
    Laser Hair Removal  
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    4.8 / 5  Outstanding
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    Clinic Information: 09 87 67 96 55 ext: 12177 Wroclaw, Poland
    Rating from 94 Reviews Everything went fine, I am perfectly happy with the outcome!Anonymous, Bochum, 25 Jan 17

    Breast reduction (300 gr each side) with mastopexia Everything went fine, I am perfectly happy with the outcome! The surgeon (Mr Ryszard Nawrocki) explained, planned and executed the procedure to my utmost satisfaction. Not only has he a lot of experience, but he knows also how to communicate in a friendly and empathetic way. I had some doubts before taking the long way to an unknown place, but the first contact with Mr Nawrocki convinced me that I want him to do this surgery I have thought about for years. I had a good feeling right from the beginning with him and the "effect" proved me absolutely right. The only astonishing thing: all the surgery is done in the late afternoon / evening (after a whole day's work in hospital....). But I will judge by the result: perfect:) I can recommend the clinic. Staff is nice and caring. There were some misunterstandings (e. g. I was told only 2 hours before the surgery, that they accepted only cash) and inconsistencies throughout my stay, but the essential, i. e. the surgery, worked out fine. Anyway, you can tell Malgorzata / Margaret, if you have a problem, and she will find a solution which suits both sides or explain the inconvenience. Margaret was my contact person when it comes to coordinate the before / during and after. She is very friendly. She answers promptly and adequately to all your questions - thank you...! If I had known in advance that the whole procedure would be work out so easily, I would have done it years before! I didn't need any pain killers at all and could walk (well, almost) "freely" after 2 nights' stay in the clinic. Costs: 11 000 PLN (plus: one additional night for 500 PLN)

    Pedicure maximum: 37 €
    Manicure maximum: 25 €
    Dermapen™ maximum: 145 €
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    4.1 / 5  Excellent
    from 236 users
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    International Smiles-Adriana Castaño: DDS

    Clinic Information: 09 87 67 96 55 ext: 89173 Medellin, Colombia
    Rating from 12 Reviews She was GREATBob, Colombia, 16 Jan 17

    My wife had an infection in a tooth while we were vacationing in Medellin with only one week left. It turned out to be two teeth that must have been grinding at night. Dr.Adriana was more capable than most of our North American dental experiences. We got two dental referral names from friends, and they both were on vacation; we later found out that many dentists closed right after new year for two weeks. Then I found clinicsearch from an Internet search and was sent 5 dentist names; although I checked all 5 names only Dr. Adriana responded. She was GREAT! We have given her contact information to all our expat friends in Medellin.

    Pedicure starting from 9 €
    Manicure starting from 5 €
    4.8 / 5  Outstanding
    from 131 users
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    Capital Clinic Riga

    Clinic Information: Riga, Latvia
    Rating from 3 Reviews The best consultation we could have possibly hopped forClaudiu, South Africa, 10 May 17

    It is hard to imagine being impressed with something you paid for but that is what happened when my wife and I went to the Capital Clinic in Riga. We were afforded the best consultation we could have possibly hopped for. The clinic was a little expensive but if one can learn to look past that it is a very good clinic.

    Pedicure starting from 35 €
    Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment  
    4 total topics
    1 different location in Latvia for SIA „Veselibas centrs 4”.

    The Baltic Vein Clinic

    Clinic Information: 09 87 67 96 55 ext: 78840 115 Kr. Barona Street, Riga
    4.6 / 5  Outstanding
    from 170 users
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    Seraphim Aesthetics

    Clinic Information: 09 87 67 96 55 ext: 69304 Haverfordwest, UK
    Rating from 11 Reviews My first impressions were absolutely fineSue, pembroke dock, 26 Feb 18

    I chose Seraphim for my tattoo removal procedure because it was easy to get to the clinic. I don’t drive or anything, so I use a bus pass. My bus was able to pick me up outside the house and it dropped me off outside right outside the clinic’s building. I only needed two sessions to get rid of the tattoo. The third time I visited, the doctor told me I don’t need further treatment. I paid 85 pounds per session, which was roughly the price I expected. My first impressions were absolutely fine. The gentleman who did the removal was Indian and because my father is also Indian (and from the same area), we were able to have a good conversation. This made the whole process easier. I thought the staff was very friendly. Both times I got there early for my appointment, and the doctor saw me immediately. I didn’t need to wait around and waste time.

    Laser Hair Removal  
    Laser Skin Resurfacing  
    24 total topics
    3.5 / 5  Good
    from 49 users
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    Toplook Beauty clinic

    Clinic Information: 09 87 67 96 55 ext: 83134 Dublin, Ireland
    Rating from 2 Reviews
    Pedicure starting from 35 €
    Pedicure Delux starting from 45 €
    soft fillers 50 € - 400 €
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    4.7 / 5  Outstanding
    from 361 users
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    Complete Laser Care

    Clinic Information: 09 87 67 96 55 ext: 63026 Limerick City, Ireland
    Rating from 9 Reviews I can see a dramatic improvementDenise, Ireland, 12 Oct 18

    I went for a consultation with Catherine last week on some pigmentation on my cheek area of the face as it was very dark and I was very conscious of it. I had my first session of laser which lasted a few minutes and I got some lovely free samples from Catherine. Fast forward six days later, I can see a dramatic improvement. The area had gotten very dark as was advised but after the initial darkness went I can't believe how good it looks after just one treatment. Excellent clinic with fantastic value for money. I would highly recommend Catherine for her super efficiency, professional and friendly manner.

    Pedicure starting from 35 €
    Laser Hair Removal 19 € - 550 €
    Shaving, waxing, tweezing have been replaced by hair removal in a flash to remove unwanted hair from all facial and body areas. Ellipse hair removal treatments offer-clinically proven, safe and effective long term removal of unwanted hair.
    Laser Skin Resurfacing  
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    4.5 / 5  Excellent
    from 379 users
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    Fairlee Wellbeing Centre

    Clinic Information: 09 87 67 96 55 ext: 64533 London, UK
    Rating from 11 Reviews Good appointment.Nora, London, 15 Dec 14

    First appointment, it was good.

    Medical Pedicure maximum: 57 €
    Hypnotherapy maximum: 86 €
    For this Month Only - Mention "clinicsearch" to Receive 20% Discount On Your First Appointment At The Fairlee Wellbeing CentreWhat is Hypnotherapy?Hypnotherapy is an effective, clinically proven method of breaking unwanted habits quickly, easily and comfortably.Hypnosis is simply a state of magnified concentration, very similar to day dreaming.Hypnosis is a part of your everyday life: when you are watching television, reading a book, listening to music or driving a car you are often in a mild hypnotic state. For example, have you ever had the experience of making a journey and arriving at your destination, wondering how on earth you got there?This ‘working on auto-pilot’ is an example of everyday hypnosis.How can Hypnotherapy help me?Clinical hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis for the treatment and relief of a variety of physical and psychological symptoms and all hypnotic states are characterised by wonderfully pleasant feelings of relaxation. It is seen in a variety of fields including medicine, dentistry, law enforcement, professional sports and educationCombining Hypnosis and NLP works very well and can help you overcome and manage a wide range of issues, including:Stopping smokingAnd much more… Who is in control? You are, at all times. It is completely safe; you will hear everything and remember it after the session. Hypnotherapy is not about control, but about a trained therapist helping a patient to access their unconscious mind and achieve their goals. Hypnosis is a state very similar to sleep but one
    CBT - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy maximum: 97 €
    For this Month Only - Mention "clinicsearch" to Receive 20% Discount On Your First Appointment At The Fairlee Wellbeing Centre What is Psychotherapy/Counselling? Therapy takes place within the relationship between you and your therapist, in a controlled framework, outside of the usual social conventions. Psychotherapists will not generally reveal personal details or opinions, nor attempt to provide direct solutions to your problems. Rather, they aim to provide a safe space for you to explore your concerns and gain clarity and insight into your thoughts, emotions and behaviour. One of the benefits of therapy is that you are working with someone who is skilled in helping you find the root of the problem and guiding you to your own innate strengths. Another is that working with someone removed from your family, friends and colleagues means that you do not have to entertain them, protect them from your painful experiences or even allow feelings of shame to prevent you from expressing yourself. Here the focus is on you, how your experiences have affected you and how you create meaning in your life.
    63 total topics
    4.3 / 5  Excellent
    from 254 users
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    The DermaCare Clinic

    Clinic Information: 09 87 67 96 55 ext: 68580 Hamrun, Malta
    Rating from 4 Reviews Simple upper lip hair laser removalSusan, Kalkara, 08 Aug 15

    The consultation visit was very comprehensive in explaining how laser technology works and possible side effects to the treatment. For my situation, the laser was an appropriate treatment plan. A skin patch test was given. On my return visit 2 weeks later, I had the procedure - it was very fast and efficient. There were no adverse side effects. I can recommend a visit to DermaCare based on my pleasant experience. I had a simple upper lip hair laser removal procedure performed. This was my first experience using this treatment. I selected the clinic based on the positive ratings and it was easily accessible by bus, a short stroll from the Blata L-Bafda 5 stop. The desk staff are very welcoming and friendly - the premises are well-kept.

    Pedicure 35 € - 45 €
    Laser Hair Removal 15 € - 99 €
    The DermaCare Clinic is specialised in Laser Hair Removal using CANDELA GentleLASE Pro, the latest in laser hair removal technology which brings about permanent hair reduction. Just imagine! No more SHAVING, no more painful WAXING, no more infected INGROWNS!! Your skin will be soft, smooth and hair free.
    Facials 35 € - 60 €
    75 mins High Frequency Facial - Euro 40  Hydrating & Nourishing - 60 minutes - Euro 25 Ultrasonic Skin Cavitation Peeling - 75 minutes - Euro 35 Red Alert Facial (for sensitive skin) - 60 minutes - Euro 30 Microdermabrasion - 90 minutes - Euro 50 Dermaroller (1 treatment) - 90 minutes - Euro 110 Dermaroller (3 treatments) - 90 minutes - Euro 250 Rejuvinating & Lifting Facial - 90 minutes - Euro 55 Eye Treatment (1 treatment) - 30 minutes - Euro 15 Eye Treatment ( 8 treatments) - 30 minutes - Euro 80
    3 total topics
    4.6 / 5  Outstanding
    from 357 users
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    Skin Renewal Constantia

    Clinic Information: 09 87 67 96 55 ext: 88101 Constantia, South Africa
    Rating from 3 Reviews It was a great experienceThalana, Cape Town, 07 Apr 17

    I went for a Dermatologist consultation and it was a great experience that I had as I got what I needed in terms of information. They answered all of the questions that I had for my issue and I will be going back for another consultation. They responded very swiftly to my inquiry. The clinic was well-organised and professional, they treated me well. I am happy with their service thus far as it was encouraging for me to continue dealing with them.

    Pedicure starting from 21 €
    Min Price: 340 Max Price: 400
    Laser Hair Removal starting from 25 €
    Min Price: 400 Max Price: 3400
    Laser Skin Resurfacing starting from 277 €
    Duration: 30-60 mins
    44 total topics
    1 different location in South Africa for Skin Renewal Bedfordview.

    Skin Renewal Bedfordview

    Clinic Information: 09 87 67 96 55 ext: 81458 43 Van Buuren Road, Bedfordview, Germist
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