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Dr. Rita Rakus

Clinic Information: 09 87 67 96 55 ext: 29348 London, UK
Rating from 21 Reviews It was surprisingly very relaxing.Bel, UK, 08 Feb 16

I had my first CoolSculpting Treatment at Dr. Rita Rakus' Clinic last week. I wanted to treat some very small stubborn fat on my abdomen that will not go with diet and exercise. I was very nervous about the treatment initially. However, it was very straightforward, and surprisingly, not at all painful. It was surprisingly very relaxing, indeed. The clinic experience was exceptional. Dr. Rita Rakus' staff delivered a five-star service from the moment I walked in. The clinic is very beautiful, clean with a lovely ambiance. The staff are so friendly and attended to me every step of my journey from the moment I walked in. They were very professional in their treatment consultation, the actual treatment, and aftercare. I was even given the doctor's mobile number, and they insisted I call if I had any questions or concerns. I am looking forward to my next treatment in the clinic.

IPL Skin Rejuvenation starting from 286 €
Laser Skin Resurfacing starting from 658 €
HydraFacial starting from 286 €
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Skin Vitality Medical Clinic - St Catharines

Clinic Information: 09 87 67 96 55 ext: 35754 St Catharines, Canada
Rating from 4 Reviews Excellent service. I recommend to anyoneKyle, Canada, 26 Jul 18

Cool Sculpting. Excellent service. I recommend to anyone!

IPL Skin Rejuvenation  
Safely and comfortably fade the appearance of skin imperfections and uneven skin tones caused by the sun, as well as uneven skin tones caused by brown and red spots (such as rosacea, spider veins and age spots). FotoFacial RF Pro® is a unique photofacial treatment that addresses a number of cosmetic skin concerns for the face and body (also known as FotoBody™ RF treatments). The procedure can target the following concerns:Rosacea, flushing, redness, ruddy complexion, broken capillaries and spider veins of the face. All these “pink” vascular based conditions of the skin improve by maximum: 80%.Sun spots, age spots, hyperpigmentation and multiple freckles. All these “brown”, melanin based conditions of the skin improve, on average, by maximum: 80%.Chronic sun damage and photoaging improves maximum: 80%.Sun damage and the signs of aging that develop on the hands, neck and chest can be improved by maximum: 80%.Overall texture significantly improves.With elos™ technology, RadioFrequency and Intense Pulsed Light, one FotoFacial RF Pro® treatment will achieve the optimal degree of enhancement to all components of your skin, unlike other photofacial treatments that use only one type of technology. There is no downtime. After Your Photofacial Rejuvenation TreatmentAfter the FotoFacial RF Pro® skin rejuvenation treatment, you may experience some short term redness in the treated area which will go away shortly. No other side effects are generally reported. Protect the treated area from sun exposure.
Laser Hair Removal  
Laser Skin Resurfacing  
Discover the ability to gently but effectively remove the signs of aging and environmental damage with Fraxel®, a non-surgical skin resurfacing procedure that can help you look years younger. Now available at Skin Vitality, Fraxel® can correct wrinkles, pigmented lesions, melasma, acne and surgical scars as well as dramatically improve tone and texture. It is an FDA-cleared treatment that allows you to revitalize your complexion, making your skin look smoother, fresher and more youthful. What Fraxel® Skin Resurfacing Can Do For You:Smooth out fine lines, wrinkles and furrows.Improve skin textureErase pigmented lesions such as age or sun spots.Address general discolouration.Treat redness resulting from photodamage.Rejuvenate the eye area, as a non-surgical alternative to cosmetic eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty).Eliminate scars resulting from acne, surgery or trauma.Target stretchmarks.Treatment AreasFace (safe enough for the delicate eye area)NeckChestHandsSuitable for all skin types. The technology targets water, rather than pigment, in the skin. This is unlike other methods of laser skin resurfacing. As a result, darker skin won’t be at a higher risk for scarring and discolouration.
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8 different locations in Canada for Skin Vitality Medical Clinic.

Skin Vitality Medical Clinic - London

Clinic Information: 09 87 67 96 55 ext: 35757 595 Fanshawe Park Road West, Unit F, Lon

Skin Vitality Medical Clinic - Stoney Creek

Clinic Information: 09 87 67 96 55 ext: 35756 311 Fruitland Rd, Unit 3, Stoney Creek

Skin Vitality Medical Clinic - Ajax

Clinic Information: 09 87 67 96 55 ext: 35759 A Natural Advantage Medical Clinic, 15 W

Skin Vitality Medical Clinic - Mississauga

Clinic Information: 09 87 67 96 55 ext: 35749 125 Lakeshore Road. E., Mississauga
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Instant Laser Clinic

Clinic Information: 09 87 67 96 55 ext: 11476 Melbourne, Australia
Rating from 21 Reviews The therapist is confident, the clinic is hygienic, clean and organisedMona, Australia, 05 Jun 18

Today is my first session in my treatment that includes Cosmelan, mini cool sculptures neck and intensify micro needling face and neck. The team is friendly. Mathew is confident, the clinic is hygienic, clean and organised. Very determined about the outcome.

IPL Skin Rejuvenation
IPL Skin Rejuvenation Advance Diathermy 38 € - 159 €
(4cm x 4cm) This is an estimate of costs only!
IPL Skin Rejuvenation Just One pulse starting from 38 €
(2cm x 2cm) This is an estimate of costs only
IPL Skin Rejuvenation Hand starting from 64 €
This is an estimate of costs only
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Age Care Clinic

Clinic Information: 09 87 67 96 00 ext: 59305 London, UK
Agecare Clinic has been located in London since 2014. Since then it has been providing the highest quality service to its customers by working with a great team of experts and doctors -Turkish surgeons for hair transplantation and medical aesthetics. The Agecare center is focused on both genders, female and male, who care about their skin care, healthy aging and have adopted a healthy lifestyle. This boutique center also offers personalized services upon customers’ requests as well. We offer Max. greft of hair transplant in one day. 
IPL Skin Rejuvenation  
Laser Skin Tightening1`  
4.7 / 5  Outstanding
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The TOA Clinic

Clinic Information: 09 87 67 96 00 ext: 42657 London, UK
Rating from 15 Reviews I can feel the skin firmer and a slight lift alreadyLaura, UK, 06 Jan 17

Had Ultherapy (Ultrasound face lift) done. Being close to 50, I noticed my skin losing elasticity around the jawline and also the lines round the lips were getting deeper (the practitioner asked whether i laugh a lot!).The treatment consists of small pulses of ultrasound zapped on your face and neck. People with sensitive skin might feel the little tingles like small needles contouring the face but it is a bearable pain and only in localized areas (I had crown fillings so felt it more close to those around the jawline). I was zapped on the forehead, around the eyes, cheeks and mouth and jawline and under the chin. I have been told that the best results will show 3 to 6 months after the treatment - as this treatment can only be done every 2 to 3 years - but I immediately noticed the lines around the mouth not so deep as before the session. I also saw a 50% reduction in the puffiness around the eyes. I went out that evening and had no pain or swelling. My friends did compliment me on how good I looked. I am looking forward to the full results. I did not expect an immediate lift, but I was told they are using the latest machine which is more powerful than the earlier versions. My jaws already feel really tight, I can feel the skin firmer and a slight lift already. The clinic has a very friendly approach; you feel like you are visiting a friend and the practitioners are all making you feel comfortable and at ease even during the procedure. They all want you to get the best results out of those treatments; they are at hand afterwards to recommend proper after-care and they do follow-up on you to see how you are doing. I am going back for a 6 week follow up consultation. A very private and discreet clinic where they take their time and you do not feel rushed. I have been to other clinics in Harley Street, but always felt rushed and the environment not so friendly, but here is a really relaxed energy Would highly recommend the clinic to everyone.

IPL Skin Rejuvenation starting from 566 €
Thermage™ starting from 1373 €
Ultherapy starting from 1430 €
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4.5 / 5  Excellent
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Victorias Cosmetic Medical Clinic

Clinic Information: 09 87 67 96 55 ext: 78101 Launceston, Australia
Rating from 1 Review Quick results are well worth itCherie, Launceston, 15 Sep 15

I had IPL treatment for colour correction, wasn't expecting to see any change for maximum: 2 weeks but it was 3 days and it is amazing even friends have noticed, and they want to go too. For the price and a quick result when not even finished, is well worth it. Very Happy Client I have always known of Victorias, but until a friend had told me about someone else going for treatment, and how amazing she looked, I was onto it straight away, as I'm getting Married in 9 weeks then and wanted to look and feel great on my special day. Was a bit daunting at first, but as soon as I entered the smell was amazing and the staff were very friendly and tea and coffee, felt very relaxed. Now im addicted.

laser genesis 128 € - 351 €
pico toning 128 € - 351 €
Laser Hair Removal starting from 35 €
By far the most outstanding form of permanent hair reduction we have used. The Syneron Diode Laser combined with radio frequency achieves outstanding results. Treatment Services are fast, safe and effective. We can treat all skin types and with the radio frequency we are seeing some reduction in those lighter colored hairs.
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Grand Plastic Surgery

Clinic Information: Seoul, South Korea
Rating from 26 Reviews I have the best natural looking resultSimona, South Korea, 14 Feb 18

Breast augmentation. I started to love my breast, I have the best natural looking result. They did a good job!

IPL Skin Rejuvenation  
Laser Skin Resurfacing  
Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment  
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Dr Alice Total Wellness Bangsar

Clinic Information: 09 87 67 96 55 ext: 82703 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Rating from 2 Reviews Excellent service and prompt action.Fauziah, Malaysia, 27 Feb 16

Consultation and required information was discussed and provided. The staff is friendly. The doctor is very good and answered all my questions. I am very satisfied, and this clinic is highly recommended. Excellent service and prompt attention was provided. The clinic is very nice. The staff is friendly. The doctor is very good and answered all my questions. I am very satisfied, and this clinic is highly recommended.

IPL Skin Rejuvenation  
Beauty Salon Enquiry  
Laser Hair Removal  
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1 different location in Malaysia for Dr Alice Total Wellness - Bangsar.

Dr Alice Total Wellness - Klang

Clinic Information: 09 87 67 96 55 ext: 82704 46 Lrg Batu Nilam 21A, Bandar Bukit Ting
4.6 / 5  Outstanding
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The Chelsea Clinic

Clinic Information: 09 87 67 96 55 ext: 82707 Singapore, Singapore
Rating from 3 Reviews Very good experience during consultationAnonymous, Singapore, 23 Nov 16

I chose this clinic as it wasn't as flashy and extravagant as other clinics in the area, there was easy access to this clinic and it was more lowkey and understated. The staff were very polite and the clinic was highly organized and seemed to be well run. This was despite it looking slightly shabby and not glamorous Dr. Vanessa was non combative during the consultation and explained the procedure to me very well. I have had to delay my treatment but my experience at this clinic for my consultation was very good.

IPL Skin Rejuvenation 192 € - 512 €
Laser Hair Removal 160 € - 959 €
Laser Skin Resurfacing 576 € - 959 €
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3.8 / 5  Very Good
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The Mississauga Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Clinic

Clinic Information: 09 87 67 96 55 ext: 83618 Mississauga, Canada
Rating from 1 Review
IPL Skin Rejuvenation  
Laser Hair Removal  
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4.8 / 5  Outstanding
from 634 users
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Laserase Bolton Ltd

Clinic Information: 09 87 67 96 55 ext: 22624 Bolton, UK
Rating from 4 Reviews
IPL Skin Rejuvenation  
Laser Hair Removal
Ears starting from 46 €
Nose starting from 46 €
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5.0 / 5  Outstanding
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Natchanok Clinic

Clinic Information: 09 87 67 96 55 ext: 66890 Bangkok, Thailand
Rating from 9 Reviews I felt cared for the entire timeAnonymous, Sydney, 14 Feb 18

During my online search, I only found two clinics in Bangkok that offered the laser skin resurfacing treatment. After contacting both clinics, I decided on Natchanok. I managed to get the treatment done at a cheaper rate than I expected and I’m very satisfied. The clinic made an excellent first impression. The staff are very professional and generally nice. They have another branch in a more upmarket shopping area frequented by tourists, but I went to the other branch that happens to be on the same street as my regular dentist. The doctor was brilliant with follow-ups. I went for the laser treatment as well fillers and both times they gave me regular calls afterward to hear how the healing process was getting on. Little things like this go a long way in terms of reassuring the patient - I felt cared for the entire time. It’s worth mentioning that the doctor here is very good. She’s regularly invited to all sorts of conferences to share her knowledge and expertise.

IPL Skin Rejuvenation 120 € - 147 €
Laser Skin Resurfacing/ Fractora/ Scarlet/ Diamond Peel 133 € - 267 €
IPL Hair Removal 53 € - 800 €
We do IPL hair removal.  It needs to be done 4-5 sessions to see best result.  Price per session as:Underarms 2,000 Baht.Mustard 1,500 Baht.Beard 3,000 Baht.Lower leg 7,000 Baht.Bikini 4,000 Baht.
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