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Why do tourists visit Canada?

Canada, the second largest country by area, is also one of the most beautiful and safest countries in the world. There are different types of natural wonders from the northern lights to tranquil lakelands. It has a unique culture and cuisine. The tribal culture of the native people of Canada is a worthwhile experience for tourists. Canada is multicultural and has communities from every part of the world.  Canadian cities have a wealth of beautiful buildings and new world historical sites. Active tourists can enjoy water sports, skiing hiking, riding and biking in Canada. Accommodation options in Canada include luxury hotels and resorts, bed and breakfasts, self-catering apartments and hostels. There are 13 international airports serving major cities in Canada.

Why do international patients visit Canada?

International patients come to Canada to get the benefit of the high quality healthcare services provided by public hospitals and private clinics. Canadian universities offer medical education of a high standard and all doctors and other healthcare professionals trained in these universities offer excellent services for patients. Services at Canadian hospitals are covered by most international health insurance companies. 

What are the visa requirements for patients travelling to Canada for medical treatments?

There is no special visa offered for patients travelling for medical treatment in Canada. Details of obtaining a visa to travel to Canada are available at the website:  

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    DermaSkin - Clinique Dermaskin


    Clinic Information: (514) 900-6634 136 rue St Louis, St-Eustache, J7R 1Y2
    Rating from 2 Reviews My hair is healthier, shinier, easier to style and they repel abundantly where they had fallenRoberto, Canada, 13 03 18

    At every DermaSkin PRP treatment for my scalp and hair, I notice that there is a tangible result: my hair is healthier, shinier, easier to style and they repel abundantly where they had fallen. I think the price at this clinic is very affordable compared to the prices of the other clinics I saw in the Montreal area. I find the staff of this clinic very welcoming, very professional, very attentive and the person who did the PRP treatment for me is a great professional in this field. I thank her very much for the comfort during the procedure and her great professionalism. I strongly recommend the PRP as a treatment for its effectiveness and because it is fast and painless. The results are really fantastic and natural. I find the staff of this clinic very welcoming, very professional, very attentive and the person who did the PRP treatment for me is a great professional in this field.

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    IPL Skin Rejuvenation
    Pulsed Light 1-on rings starting from $100
    IPL Skin Rejuvenation - Pulsed Light (BBL) of 2 hands starting from $150
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    4.5 / 5  Excellent
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    DermaMode Medical Aesthetics - Medical Aesthetics Clinic in Canada

    DermaMode Medical Aesthetics

    Clinic Information: 700 Rue Mansfield, Montreal, H3C 6T6
    Skincare and beauty services of a high standard are available at this\ medical aesthetics clinic located at Montreal in Quebec, Canada. Safe and effective treatments are performed to enhance the appearance of customers and to increase their self confidence. All physicians and technicians at the clinic have the required training and experience to perform high quality advanced skincare procedures for customers. Male and female customers are treated by the friendly team. Services at the clinic include Cosmetic/Anti aging injectables, Picoway fractionated treatments, Laser skin rejuvenation, Photofacials, Acne scar treatments, Tattoo removal, Chemical peels, Microdermabrasion, /acne solutions, body contouring, laser based hair removal and hair removal by waxing or Electrolysis.
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    Laser Hair Removal  
    Laser hair removal is a permanent, safe and effective means of ridding yourself of unwanted hair. Performing laser hair removal treatments safely and effectively over the last decade has made Dermamode laser well known and popular in Montreal. Our laser hair removal specialists are licensed, professionally trained and experienced. In addition to our competitive prices, Dermamode Laser prides itself in being extremely clean and well situated in the downtown Montreal area. The LightSheer® DUET™ is the most exciting and ground-breaking innovation in laser hair removal technology since LightSheer® first revolutionized the industry over 20 years ago. The DUET™ is FDA approved, high-speed (treatments are completed quicker) and more comfortable. Previously, laser hair removal of large areas such as a man’s back or a woman’s legs was a drawn out and an uncomfortable experience. With the DUET™ these two hour long laser hair removal treatments are reduced 20 or 30 minutes and with minimal discomfort. The LightSheer® is recognized as the "Gold Standard" for laser hair removal. This state-of-the-art laser hair removal technology is FDA approved, safe and very effective. It has dominated the market for over 20 years and produces permanent results for unwanted hair. In addition, our clients find the sensation of the actual laser hair removal treatment to be easily tolerable with minor distress. However, for clients who are very sensitive, a topical anesthetic may be applied to alleviate any discomfort.
    Electrolysis starting from $21
    Permanent hair removal Dermamode Laser offers one of the most technologically advanced hair removal techniques, the Sequentium VMC electrolysis system. The Sequentium VMC electrolysis system differs from other and older versions of electrolysis such that its treatments have proven to be much less uncomfortable and require shorter treatment times. The Sequentium VMC system applies an electrical current through a fine-tipped needle into each hair follicle in order to permanently destroy the hair at its source, the root. Unlike other electrolysis systems, the experienced electrologist is able to customize the intensities of the electrical current depending on the resistance of the hair and/or the region where the hair is located. Consequently, our clients are able to achieve the best possible results in the shortest number of treatments. Here at Dermamode Laser, electrolysis is most often used as an alternative or complimentary to laser hair removal. Since electrolysis works effectively on white, blond and very thin hairs, clients who are not candidates for laser hair removal can rely on Dermamode Laser for this alternative. Electrolysis is also frequently used as a complimentary to laser hair removal for clients who continue to experience growth of those few stubborn hairs. Pricelist: 15 min $21 30 min $38.50 45 min $55 60 min $71.50 150 min $154 More bang for your buck 5 hr $275 10 hr $467.50
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    Terra Atma Medi Spa - Beauty Salon in Canada

    Terra Atma Medi Spa

    Clinic Information: 1221 Kingsway Ave SE, Unit # 105, Medicine Hat, T1A 2Y2
    Rating from 1 Review I was treated like a princessAndrea, Medicine Hat, AB, 12 01 15

    I was treated like a princess!!

    Beauty Salon Enquiry free
    Laser Hair Removal  
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    Advanced Laser Clinic - Medical Aesthetics Clinic in Canada

    Advanced Laser Clinic

    Clinic Information: 2310 St. Laurent Boulevard, Ottawa, K1G 5H9
    Rating from 6 Reviews Laser hair removal was the best decision I ever madeSandy, Canada, 10 08 15

    I'm was tired of dealing with razor bumps from shaving, I found the advanced Laser clinic from a friend who's wife was treated there, she had nothing but praise about the ALC and it's staff, so I decided to go there, the staff was amazing, I was nervous at first was my laser specialist explained the whole procedure, she did a test patch on me so I can experience what the treatment feels like. I decided there and then for a treatment package, I've had eight treatments and I am so happy, no more razor bumps and and no more hair to shave. Best decision I've made and best place to make it. This clinic gets a 10 out of 10 from me, very nice and understanding staff, and super happy with my treatments. They answered all my questions and did a test patch to introduce me to what a laser hair removal treatment feels like. I highly recommend this clinic, I even stared a new procedure called HydraFacial MD and wow is all that I can say, you must ask them about that procedure if you ever go there.

    Hydrafacial MD starting from $150
    Laser Hair Removal  
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    3.9 / 5  Very Good
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    TrueSkin Clinic - Beauty Salon in Canada

    TrueSkin Clinic

    Clinic Information: 1608 – 17th Ave SW, #208, Calgary, T2T 0E3
    Rating from 7 Reviews More amazing resultsMeridith, Canada, 18 01 17

    I will be having my 3rd amazing treatment and more amazing results!?? Isabelle is really best at what she does! With her warm welcome and everything for you to feel at ease over the treatment.

    Peels and resurfacing  
    IPL Skin Rejuvenation  
    Laser Hair Removal  
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    AFYA Skin and Body Clinic - Joelle Rodenburgh, Owner of AFYA Skin and Body Clinic

    AFYA Skin and Body Clinic

    Clinic Information: 17 Suffolk Street East, Guelph, N1H 2H7
    AFYA Skin and Body Clinic offers a comprehensive approach to clearer, brighter and tighter skin on the face and body.  We believe your entire experience from the moment we meet you should be nothing short of the best!  We will stop at nothing to ensure you are thrilled with your treatment experience. The meaning of AFYA is Healthy. We believe in utilizing the best technology in the industry to customize treatment plans to suit each individual’s needs in achieving healthy skin and a healthy body.  We offer treatments for sun damage, melasma, rosacea, unsightly veins, cellulite, fat loss, wrinkle reduction, fine lines, loose skin, acne reduction, acne scar removal, enlarged pores, body scars and laser hair removal.  AFYA offers a wide range of services that utilize lasers, ultrasound, radio frequency, infrared light, intense pulsed light, micro-needling and various exfoliation techniques to achieve the best version of your skin and body possible without the need for surgery! We offer each client a complimentary consultation to guide you through our treatment options. During your consultation, we will use the IMAGE PRO 3 to Analyze your skin’s health and offer a treatment plan to suit your skin’s needs. Because Healthy Skin Feels Better!
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    IPL Skin Rejuvenation
    IPL Full Face starting from $325
    IPL Full Face and Neck starting from $375
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