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Clinic Information: (11) 4933-1100 ext: 12177 Wroclaw, Poland
Rating from 94 Reviews I am quite happy with the outcomes of my procedures as they look goodAnonymous, Poland, 11 Apr 17

I had mostly a great experience at the clinic, I went for a tummy tuck, lower face lift and an upper eye lid lift surgery. The procedures went very well - some unexpected bleedings though, which was taken care of. I was well looked after at the clinic during my treatments and I am quite happy with the outcomes of my procedures as they look good. The clinic was clean and I had a warm welcome as the staff was nice and friendly. I feel maybe they need an extra pair of hands to assist because the surgants seem very busy having maximum: two more different jobs - at the public hospital and at their own private clinique. I got the impression they were a bit stressed by the situation. But all in all I had a great experience

Veinwave™ Treatment R$ 199 - R$ 1214
Medical Aesthetics Specialist Consultation  
Stretch Marks Removal R$ 554 - R$ 1518
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Facial Aesthetics

Clinic Information: (11) 4933-1100 ext: 81441 Chelmsford, UK
Rating from 84 Reviews lovely calming feel within a beautiful setting.Christine, UK, 01 Jul 16

I had an appointment for Veinwave. Julie was very informative and I went ahead with the treatment. Have booked my second follow up appointment and am so far hopeful with the results I wanted. Fingers crossed! The clinic has a lovely calming feel within a beautiful setting.

Veinwave™ Treatment  
Veinwave treatment for Thread Veins Spider or thread veins are cosmetically unsightly. They are too fine to be treated like other veins, but the thermo-coagulation of Veinwave is an effective solution for treating small veins on the face, such as those troublesome areas on the nose and cheeks. Thermo-coagulation is based on a high frequency wave producing a thermal lesion with the protection of the skin. Equipped with a magnifying loop, a very fine needle is inserted into the vein and it disappears instantaneously. The single use sterile needle, is covered with an insulating sheath which protects the skin, enabling a targeted action. The sensation is similar to a warm pin prick, others relate it to a minor sting which doesn't
Medical Aesthetics Specialist Consultation R$ 218 - R$ 726
VISIA SKIN ANALYSIS - In the quest for more radiant, youthful and healthy skin, knowledge is an invaluable tool. The more I know about your skin, the better I’ll be able to prescribe the correct treatment plan for you to achieve best results and prevent further damage.The Visia computerised skin analysis takes a magnified three-dimensional image of various areas of your skin. While I can only see the surface of your skin, the Visia allows me to see beneath it, which helps me to identify future problems and then prevent them before they come to the surface.
Treatment for Wrinkles R$ 1210 - R$ 1452
To decide which treatments will deliver the best results for your skin concerns e.g. lines or wrinkles, I will be carrying out an in-depth consultation and computerised skin analysis. When I suggest any treatment, for example, dermal fillers or muscle relaxants, I will give you all the information you need. Anti Wrinkle Treatment Services include Wrinkles and Frown lines Wrinkles and frown lines are comprehensively treated with quick-acting injectable’s. Since that is such a mouthful to say, let’s just call them wrinkle relaxers. There are different causes of wrinkles, Muscle Relaxant injections provide a solution as they relax the muscles that cause the wrinkle, reducing the movement of your facial muscles, which further prevents and minimises the appearance and formation of lines and wrinkles. They are used for frown and forehead lines, crow’s feet, smoker’s lines around the mouth, and neck bands (sagging skin and muscles around the neck).  Results last for around three to four months, sometimes longer. Dermal Fillers Dermal fillers are injected into the skin to smooth out lines and wrinkles. They can also be used to hydrate the skin to plump it up and give it a firmer look. The results are instant and generally last six to nine months.  Dermal fillers are made from hyaluronic acid – a natural substance found in the body, which attracts water to the skin and plumps it up. Over time the amount of hyaluronic acid in our body depletes, causing fine lines to appear, particularly around the nose, mouth, lips, cheeks and forehead
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3 different locations in the UK for Facial Aesthetics.

Facial Aesthetics - Chelmsford

Clinic Information: (11) 4933-1100 ext: 92909 The Clinic, New Street, Chelmsford

Facial Aesthetics - Colchester

Clinic Information: (11) 4933-1100 ext: 92907 The Essex Golf & Country Club, Earls Col

Facial Aesthetics - Dunmow

Clinic Information: (11) 4933-1100 ext: 92908 The Clinic, The Chase, Dunmow
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The Baltic Vein Clinic

Clinic Information: (11) 4933-1100 ext: 78840 Riga, Latvia
The Baltic Vein Clinic(BVC) of Health Center 4 is the largest and most experienced health care establishment in Latvia and the Baltic States, offering worldwide- recognized treatment methods and their combinations to achieve the best results. Vein diagnostics: ·    Accurate duplex ultrasound for veins with the latest Premium class ultrasound equipment ·    Computer tomographic phlebography ·    Other laboratory, visual and functional diagnostic methods Vein treatments: ·    Laser surgery ·    Radio frequency surgery ·    Steam micro impulse surgery ·    Vein closure using biological glue (Venaseal) ·    Sclerotherapy (using foam) Treatment of cosmetic defects — closing of micro blood capillaries on the face and legs: ·    Trans cutaneous laser therapy ·    IPL ·    Thermocoagulation ·    Sclerotherapy (using the fluid technique), as well as removal of facial pigmentation caused by venous insufficiency. Rehabilitation BVC is ISO certified in accordance with the ISO standard 9001:2008, and the clinic has contracts with five foreign health insurance companies. We offer Western quality for Eastern European prices!
Veinwave™ Treatment  
Laser and Pulsed Light Vein Treatment starting from R$ 190
The treatment begins with a consultation of a dermatologist or a phlebologist. Transcutaneous laser therapy is closure of small blood capillaries both on legs and face, and transcutaneous closure of small veins using a laser. A laser ray is absorbed by red structures of blood vessels, high temperature is achieved and a blood vessel is closed. The procedure requires no anaesthesia; it is sufficient to make cold applications during and after the procedure. After the procedure patients have redness, oedema; scabs may occur.The following lasers are used: Lumenis Nd/Yag (1064nm), Wavelight MAYDON Nd/Yag (1064nm), Biolitec 980 nm diode lasers, Dornier 980 nm diode lasers, Wavelight KTP (532nm) lasers, Eufoton 808nm diode lasers. IPL system - closing of small blood capillaries both on legs and face, and transcutaneous closing of small veins using intense pulsed light.The following equipment is applied: Lumenis Quantum SR IPL (560 nm), Lumenis M22.
Spider Veins Treatment starting from R$ 211
The treatment begins with a consultation of a dermatologist or a phlebologist. Thermocoagulation is the most frequently used method of treatment of small blood vessels.Thermocoagulation is a revolutionary method of treatment of vascular tree, telangiectasia, psoriasis and rosacea. As a result of thermocoagulation, undesirable blood vessels on legs, face and other parts of the body instantly disappear.Vascular tree may appear on different parts of the body, especially on the face and legs. More than 70% of women and a considerable part of men face this issue sooner or later.Thermocoagulation allows removing even the smallest blood vessels which cannot be removed using microsclerotherapy, and the blood vessels located on the face or in the ankle areas where it cannot be used. The procedure lasts for about 10-15 minutes; maximum: 40-50 cm of blood vessels can be treated during this time. After the procedure patients can resume their habitual lifestyle. F Care Systems NV TC 3000 equipment is applied.
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Hemel Cosmetic Clinic

Clinic Information: (11) 4933-1100 ext: 84566 Hemel Hempstead, UK
Rating from 117 Reviews Skin now healing nicely and completely flatTony, UK, 23 Nov 15

Facial Mole removal using veinwave machine. Excellent results following the removal of the 5mm by 3mm deep mole, procedure felt like hairs being plucked , so uncomfortable but not that painful. Scab formed which fell off after a week or so. Skin now healing nicely and completely flat. Found clinic via google search for a local specialist , booked appointment for a free consultation but following excellent information on procedure and made to feel at ease by Kevin had the procedure there and then on first visit. Multiple follow up visits to confirm healing nicely. Comfortable facilities with parking.

Veinwave™ Treatment starting from R$ 963
We use the gold standard technology for thread and spider veins on the face and legs, known as Veinwave.  Watch this youtube video of it in action: =Z0o_r5qDlV8
Medical Aesthetics Specialist Consultation  
Treatment for Wrinkles starting from R$ 479
At Hemel Cosmetic Clinic we use wrinkle injections to deactivate unwanted muscle activity causing lines and wrinkles around the eyes, forehead, between the eyebrows and areas of the lower face.  We also use the same injections to stop excessive sweating in the armpits, hands and feet (£400 for both armpits or both hands or both feet).  Our cosmetic practitioners are fully medically qualified and registered to perform these treatments.
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Clinic Information: (11) 4933-1100 ext: 64119 Hatfield, UK
Rating from 22 Reviews It was really helpful, I will start treatment soonNavdeep, UK, 26 May 18

The nice helpful staff, they explained me everything. It was really helpful, I will start treatment soon. It was a really good explanation by Claire. She explains really good how it works, so I'm trying to book an appointment soon.

Veinwave™ Treatment R$ 460 - R$ 605
Facial thread vein, milia, blood spots and skin tag removal. A very high frequency current passed through a fine needle heats and destroys the facial thread veins without affecting the outer layers of skin. Minimal discomfort, pigmentation or scarring
Medical Aesthetics Specialist Consultation free
A full 45-60 minutes skin consultation is imperative for those wishing to have skin treatments. This will involve full analysis and a scan of the whole face. This consultation will give us a better understanding of our patients history, the effect that history may have on the skin, the structure on top and the structure underneath the skin.
Stretch Marks Removal R$ 460 - R$ 847
Micro-needling for a reduction and removal of stretch marks on the stomach, thighs and buttocks. 
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Dra. Virginia Benitez Roig - Marbella

Clinic Information: (11) 4933-1100 ext: 39211 Marbella, Spain
Rating from 12 Reviews I had a good experience and I will be going backAlister, Leigh on Sea, 12 Apr 17

I went for an examination for a Dermatology treatment and the Doctor I went to was brilliant. I was impressed with the way they conducted themselves and everything went well for me, I will be going for another appointment next week, I highly recommend this clinic. The place was clean, nice, neat and the staff was friendly. I had a good experience and I will be going back.

Medical Aesthetics Specialist Consultation  
Stretch Marks Removal  
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4.5 / 5  Excellent
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Varicose Veins Laser Clinic

Clinic Information: (11) 4933-1100 ext: 19512 Hyderabad, India
Rating from 8 Reviews I recommend this procedure to everyone suffering from fibroidKalpana, India, 05 Aug 15

Dr. Abhilash is an excellent surgeon for fibroid treatment. I had fibroid in my uterus & his non surgical treatment really worked a lot and gave relief to my problem. Thank you Dr. Abhilash sandhyala. Dr. Abhilash sandhyala has a very nice approach and very good in fibroid treatment. I was very satisfied. Finally got a good Vascular specialist. I recommend this procedure to everyone suffering from fibroid.

Veinwave™ Treatment starting from R$ 1032
Spider Veins Treatment starting from R$ 516
Varicose Veins Treatment R$ 4386 - R$ 7741
The latest minimally invasive laser treatment to get rid of varicose veins within an hour using the latest machines. 
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4.4 / 5  Excellent
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Sunshine Vein Clinic

Clinic Information: Maroochydore, Australia
The clinic specializes in the most modern treatments for spider and varicose veins on the Sunshine Coast.   Our non-surgical vein treatments offer far better long term results than surgical vein stripping.  Recent studies have shown that the five year recurrence rate after vein stripping is 50 to 65%. Surgical stripping also carries the risk of side effects related to general anaesthesia and prolonged immobility that is never present with newer non-surgical methods. Our clinic located on the Sunshine Coast offers vein treatment options that do not require hospital admission, general anaesthesia, or a prolonged recovery period. Patients typically experience minimal pain, and can return to work within a day or two. The five-year recurrence rate for vein treatment procedures like ours has been reported to be only 8 to 10%. Dilated facial capillaries and rosacea can be treated with our revolutionary Vein Gogh system or by V beam Laser. At Sunshine Vein Clinic located on the Sunshine Coast, we are proud to be the exclusive providers of the Vein Gogh Thermolysis system in Queensland.  We also offer a large range of Cosmetic Treatment Services like: - Facial rejuvenation : muscle relaxants and dermal fillers - Lips enhancement - Jaw line tightening - Facial skin tightening  - Exilis Elite (best device for face & neck skin tightening) - Rosacea (Vein Gogh + Nd Yag Laser)  - Dermapen : collagen induction by skin needling - Sun damage on decolletag
Veinwave™ Treatment R$ 594 - R$ 892
Thermolysis ;facial veins, broken capillaries
Medical Aesthetics Specialist Consultation maximum: R$ 324
Dermal Fillers R$ 1486 - R$ 4053
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4.1 / 5  Excellent
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Infinite Beauty UK

Clinic Information: Heathfield, UK
Rating from 1 Review I'm delighted with the resultsSue, tunbridge wells, 05 Aug 14

Amanda was very professional and did an excellent job. I'm delighted with the results.

Veinwave™ Treatment (ThermaVein) R$ 242 - R$ 1210
Threadveins are a very common problem that can affect all ages.  ThermaVein technology has been widely used in the medical world for many years and is now available to the wider market.  A tiny probe, the size of a human hair, is rested above the vein to close it together.  A 0.2 pulse is delivered to seal the vein, the process is repeated along the length of the vein until it is permanently closed.  The blood is naturally absorbed into the body and the vein ceases to exist.  
Non-Surgical Facelift R$ 218 - R$ 411
The "Ultimate Facial Toning System" (non-surgical face list) removes and reduces lines and wrinkles, lifts, firms and tones muscle structure and improves surface skin texture and appearance to leave you feeling and looking great.
4.2 / 5  Excellent
from 16 users
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ThermaVein Worcester

Clinic Information: Worcester, South Africa
ThermaVein® offers a safe, cost effective way to remove thread veins, spider veins and vascular blemishes on both face and legs.  Thread Veins, Spider Veins and Vascular Blemishes are very common problems that affect all ages and are caused by sun exposure, diet, pregnancy, genetics, age, smoking, alcohol, etc. Facial veins can be treated within one session whereas leg veins may take longer. Usually only one treatment per condition needed for lasting results, depending on the severity of the vein structure. Safe and effective. No side effects. Suitable for all skin types and ages. Cost effective. Walk in, walk out - no recovery time but home care required.  Also removes Skin Tags and MiliaFeatured on BBC, The Doctors, Embarrassing Bodies and KykNet.
Veinwave™ Treatment R$ 7 - R$ 390
Medical Aesthetics Specialist Consultation R$ 26 - R$ 39
Spider Veins Treatment R$ 7 - R$ 390
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4.6 / 5  Outstanding
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Clinic Information: Stamford, UK
Renaissance is a Beautician in Stamford. To contact them for additional information simply fill out the contact form.
Veinwave™ Treatment starting from R$ 484
Facial Thread Veins Treatment starting from R$ 484
Thread vein removal with Thermavein offering removal in one session.
1 more treatment
4.0 / 5  Very Good
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ReWonder Medical Aesthetics

Clinic Information: Huddersfield, UK
Rating from 2 Reviews Definitely would recommend this clinic, whatever treatment you needMichelle, UK, 20 Jul 18

Skin tag removal. Very friendly and professional talked me through the procedure. Made to feel at ease and made sure I was ok before I left. Definitely would recommend this clinic, whatever treatment you need. Thank you, Fiona. Beautiful, cosy and very professional.

ThermaVein red vein removal R$ 726 - R$ 2420
Treatment for Wrinkles R$ 871 - R$ 1210
Wrinkle relaxing injections
Dermal Fillers R$ 968 - R$ 2904
Only the best products and safest techniques are utilised to enhance facial appearance using filler techniques
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